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Monday 10th December 2018

International Animal Rights Day

Same date each year

10th December 2018

[PrintView] day for events across the world, calling for fundamental rights to be bestowed upon non-human animals by 2048 (100 years after the Declaration of Human Rights on this date).

Groups are encouraged to hold candle-lit vigils outside local sites of animal abuse, campaign stalls or other outreach events to highlight links between human and animal rights.

Support International Animal Rights Day
International Animal Rights Day.

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Please unite with thousands of people around the world for the Annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD) on 10th December.

- Organise a candlelit vigil at a local place where the rights of animals are abused/ignored, such as offices and shops of companies, universities, government departments and charities that conduct, support or promote animal testing, factory farms, abattoirs, butchers, fast food outlets, greyhound stadia, racetracks, bookies, live export docks, bull-rings, hunt supporting organisations, or even at a prominent or historical site in the town centre. You will need: candles, lanterns, banners, warm clothes! If you have plenty of candles, lanterns, banners and posters etc. the vigils look very powerful and effective - even if there are only a few of you.

- Conduct a campaign stall

Inform the public that 'animal rights' is not scary, frightening and irrational, but a logical, well thought out, peaceful and sensible way to think. Send news releases to your regional media too. We will have leaflets, posters, petitions available.

- Write letters

Write to national, regional papers (including the freebies), magazines, comments sections of websites, online animal forums etc.

Anything you can do helps. Be part of history!

Why an International Animal Rights Day?

IARD is the focus for our long term campaign for the international acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, which states that humanity must respect all animals' basic moral rights to 'life, liberty and natural enjoyment'. Humans' ability to distinguish right from wrong demands that we act ethically towards other sentient beings.

The 10th December is the anniversary of the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Now, we're seeking to demonstrate the moral imperative of extending fundamental rights to all animals.

IARD strengthens the animal rights cause by unifying specific campaigns under a global banner and generating solidarity between compassionate people from Auckland to Aberdeen.

Everyone who signs up, writes letters to the media, conducts a candle-lit vigil or campaign stall, or spreads the message in other ways on IARD becomes a comrade with 1000s of activists worldwide in an historic movement for change.

Such peaceful and dignified actions promote the positive nature of animal rights. We are reclaiming our movement's image from the animal abusers who try to discredit us as aggressive and unreasonable. Every positive action helps make the world a better place!

International Animal Rights Day was established by Uncaged Campaigns, who have since moved on to other projects.

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