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Thursday 1st November 2018

World Vegan Day

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1st November 2018



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As World Vegan Day (1 November) approaches, followed by Vegan Month (November), it is time to start thinking about organizing activities.

... Encourage any non-vegans you know to sign up to the Vegan Pledge. For more information e-mail us at

... Challenge the caterers: ask for vegan options that everyone can enjoy at your school, college, workplace, local restaurant or any special events. Give the restaurant a copy of our Vegan Catering for All booklet in advance to help them learn how to cater for vegans.

... Establish what vegan food they have available. Just by asking which dishes are suitable for vegans you are making the café/restaurant aware that there is a market for vegan food. It is increasingly common for cafés and restaurants to have soya milk available, so encourage them to stock soya milk if they don't already.

... Give canteens, cafés and restaurants advice about how to adapt some of their recipes to make them vegan and point out that good vegan food can be enjoyed by everyone and not just vegans.

... Ask your local café to leave some of our Why Vegan or Vegan Recipe leaflets lying around for people to read.

... Give eating establishments feedback about their food. At the end of your meal, let the café/restaurant know if you were happy with the food or if there was room for improvement. We have a feedback card available. If you would like copies please e-mail us at or download it from our website.

... Put up posters and give out leaflets: organize a stall, or try your library, community centre, school, health centre, day-care centre, church hall or community notice board.

... Write a letter to the local media about World Vegan Day and the Vegan Catering for All theme.

... Afterwards, send pictures of your event to your local newspaper, and to The Vegan Society to go in The Vegan magazine.

... Send round a 'Happy World Vegan Day' e-mail to all your friends with a link to The Vegan Society website. Please contact the Vegan Society Information Department - - for advice and copies of booklets.

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