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Friday 16th October 2015

What's Still Wrong With McDonalds

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16th October 2015


/catalogu/mcleaflets.gif29th International Day of Action Against McDonalds, to mark World Food Day

The very first London Greenpeace anti-McD day of Action was on 19 Jan 1985 and soon became a global phenomenon!

Protest against everything that's wrong with McDonald's - animal cruelty, exploitation of workers, damaging the planet, promoting unhealthy food, marketing to young children and much more. For a summary of the issues surrounding the McLibel Case see the High Court Judgement and the European Court of Human Rights ruling. Also

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Food Not Bombs groups worldwide are also encouraged to share vegan meals in their neighbourhoods:

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2012 pickets include:

  • Derby, 13th Oct: During the Saturday lunch time rush hours from 12:00 to 14:00, a group of activists spearheaded by Derby Animal Rights demo-ed the busy St. Peters street branch of McDonald's, in protest at the unethical business practices of the fast food giant. Indymedia report

  • Nottingham, Tues 16th: 5pm at Exchange Walk, City Centre. [Map (NG1 2NX)] . [2005 report]

McDonalds exploits animals, people and the environment. These protest are against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives. Animal farming produces 18% of global greenhouse gases and as McDonald's is the world largest user of beef, they contribute significantly to this total. The animals used in McDonalds burgers have little choice in their brutal deaths - help us educate the public that they have a choice in what they consume and where they consume.

2008 in Rome, Italy:
"we have done a little smart mob:"
Paris, France:

The London group continue to protest regularly on Thursdays.
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Sample Press Release

The Global Day of Action includes the active support of McDonalds Workers Resistance - not necessarily campaigning on animal issues, but never-the-less potentially useful allies.
McDonalds Workers Resistance


EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS confirms 'McDonald’s were not able to claim damages against Veggies for further distribution of the material (What's Wrong With Mc'Donald Factsheet)' :

McLies"On the last day of the (McLibel) trial, Mr Rampton, counsel for McDonalds, stated: ‘I would certainly accept that after the agreement, the settlement with Veggies had been reached, McDonald’s were not able to claim damages against Veggies for further distribution of the material which is the subject of this action. Plainly because there has been an accord of satisfactions..."

... and more ... see

Also ... from 'Para 241 b - Some general sources:

"Veggies: as explained previously Veggies reprinted the London Greenpeace Factsheet and have been its main distributors from 1987. After being threatened that year with legal action by McDonald's solicitors there were negotiations and the company dropped all further action. The agreement reached specifically accepted the continued distribution of the Factsheet with only minor amendments, in reality only affecting the 'rainforest' section. Veggies continue to circulate this version of the Factsheet widely. McDonald’s have accepted that their agreement with Veggies amounts to an ‘accord of satisfactions".

Global Day of Action Against McDonalds
London - 2006 report

Organisers of the protest say that around 25 people took part in the mobile picket which also protested outside 2 other Central London stores.

One of the pictures from the demo shows a protestor handing out leaflets, and in the background the entire squad(!) of police covering the event. I understand that they told the man from McDonalds who complained to them that people had a right to demonstrate, and that it was their duty to uphold that right, so long as it was exercised within the law.

Many passers by took an interest in what was going on, some obviously approved while others stopped to argue with the demonstrators. Many of those passing were tourists, and quite a few posed for pictures in front of the banners. Some took the leaflets with them into McD's to read with their burger, and perhaps they will think more about the issues raised.

There are regular demonstrations against McDonalds in central London - Details here.

Full report & pictures at Indymedia website.

Nottingham - 2006 report

Sunday was the Global day of action to mark World Food Day. Everywhere, including Nottingham.

On Sunday morning, folks turned out to take part in the Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds. Nottingham's contibution to this, took place from 12noon at Exchange Walk in the City Centre.

Further action followed in Beeston the next day.

See Notts Indymedia (includes photos).

Manchester NotDonalds Free Burger Give-Away (video report).

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