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Wednesday 19th August 2015 to Sunday 24th August

Earth First Summer Gathering

19th August 2015


24th August

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[PrintView]!SG15poster-small.jpgThe Earth First! Summer Gathering is the place where people involved in radical ecological direct action - or those who want to be involved - get together for five days of time and space to talk, walk, share skills, learn, play, rant, find out what's going on, find out what's next, live outside, strategise, hang out, incite, laugh and conspire.

The workshops, networking and planning of actions at this low impact eco-living camp is organised non-hierarchically. It's run without leaders by everyone who comes along, so come prepared to chip in!

Veggies are providing a cafe space, tuck shop & vegan cake baking workshops.

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Call-out for Workshops

This year’s Earth First! Summer Gathering will take place between 19-24 August 2015 in the Peak District. It’s already pretty exciting, with people from Frack Off and Reclaim the Power fully involved in organising.

This year’s collective is working hard to make the gathering a place to get inspired and skilled-up, and to meet others who want to stop the destruction of the earth and its inhabitants. With a growing new wave of ecologically-focused action, especially around fracking, the EF! Gathering is more relevant than ever.

There is a lot of new energy around the Gathering, resulting in this major push to bring in new people, while maintaining the EF! ethos of radical, grassroots, direct action-oriented skill-sharing and networking. Filling that space with content will require a big infusion of new ideas and initiatives, and that’s where the workshop programme and you come in.

As well as workshops relevant to the most current issues, we want to revisit key topics which featured in past Gatherings, particularly to make sure that the skills and lessons learned so far are passed on.

• Have you facilitated a workshop (or several) at previous EF! Summer Gatherings?

• Can you, or someone you think of, give a new workshop?

• Do you know someone who has previously provided an inspiring or useful workshop, or wants to?

Please get in touch or forward this email. We need your help.
E-mail with all offers, suggestions or contacts.

For a list of past workshops see

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The EF! Summer Gathering Collective

(For all general inquiries contact

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Whenever possible Veggies feature the publications of the Movement for Compassionate Living, which we print and distribute to promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.

We also support our nominated charity, Vegfam, ‘Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals’. If you can help us with either of these projects at this event, whilst we are busy with Veggies catering, please email

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