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Sunday 1st September 2013

Nottingham Green Festival 2013

1st September 2013


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This is the diary listing for the 22nd Nottm Green Festival in 2013. The event was organised by grass routes community based volunteers, with no statutory funding. The ethical standards and environmental / human / animal rights ethos of the event are long established, having evolved from the pre-history of the Nottm Peace Festival from which it has grown.

Nottingham's own green festival provides the place for the whole family to learn, explore and try the latest in everything environmentally friendly and ethical, whilst also having lots of fun in the beautiful setting of the Arboretum Park.

There was no Nottingham Green Festival in 2014, but an independent Green Picnic replaced it on 18th May 2014.

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Nottingham Green Festival.

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Vegan Festival within the Green Festival

Veggies has catered at the annual Nottingham Green Festival every year ever - this'll be our 28th time - so we highly recommend it as a great opportunity for vegan outreach: trading, campaigning or fundraising.

In 2013 it was great to see a 'vegan village' at the event, amongst the 100+ stalls & 10,000 visitors.

The Green Festival aims to provide a family event aimed at our whole community.

We immerse them in a wholly natural atmosphere of live music and dance, re-cycled arts and nature themed workshops, organic & natural food and local allotment and plant stalls. Also natural cosmetics and fair trade and wildlife stalls, alternative energy and natural health.

A multitude of stalls with expertise and information sharing, raised awareness and encourage ethical living and friendliness and a greater understanding towards our threatened environment.

Live music and entertainment at the Bandstand was been organised by Sweetpotato Promotions.

For 6 years, from 2005 – 2009, Veggies and other vegan campaigners helped organise the East Midlands’ Vegan Festival which welcomed over 2000 members of the public each year to the Council House on Nottingham’s Old Market Square.

However the Council House have refused to host future events, so the Vegan Festival team are very grateful to Nottingham Green Festival for providing space to hold a Vegan Festival within the Green Festival.

Veggies coordinated the 'vegan village' space, in and around our marquee near the Bandstand.

The plan was that that adding the thousands that attend the many Vegan Festivals around the UK with the thousands that attend the Green Festival made an event truly not to be missed.

See Tash's Indymedia Report on the Vegan Festival at the Green Festival

Circle NG at Green FestivalPeter and Brandon working hard for the Circle NG stall at the Green Festival in Nottingham.

Peter e-mailed: "Sunday was SPLENDID! cannot thank you enough….."

Glenys adds: "It was a great day yesterday. Well done to Meirion for suggesting we used the festival.

Well done to everyone who had a hand in the day, especially the organisers, and they know who they are. Thanks."

2013 Green Festival – Indymedia Report by Tash

Veggies Climate Change Campaigns

To get to this event, 1.4 miles from our Sumac Centre base, Veggies may emit approx 2kg CO2.

However by helping an estimated 600 people Eat Vegan we will “offset” 1200 kg CO2.

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life, they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. [carbon calculation references]

Nottingham Vegan Festival
at Nottingham Green Festival

Others attending include
We therefore need LOTS of help.

Please contact us with your name & phone no and let us know any thing extra you can provide, eg transport, structures, entertainment and any particular area of interest.

Veggies trailer

Nottingham Green Festival Gallery

See reports from past events on Nottingham Green Festival Archives

Sign Up LogoVeggies will be at this event - Sign Up to join our crew.

If you'd like us to bring you any of our foods, literature or campaign goods, some of which are on our online shop please contact us with details

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Whenever possible Veggies feature the publications of the Movement for Compassionate Living, which we print and distribute to promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.

We also support our nominated charity, Vegfam, ‘Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals’. If you can help us with either of these projects at this event, whilst we are busy with Veggies catering, please email

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