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Saturday 24th February 2018

Animal Aid - Street Collection

Every Saturday

Every Saturday

[PrintView] year Animal Aid organises more than 150 street collections across the UK.

These cannot take place without the help of Animal Aid supporters. Could you spare a few hours to help in a town near you to return the help that Animal Aid consistently gives to local groups, and to support their valuable campaigning, both by distributing their literature and raising funds to continue their work.

Animal Aid is a dynamic and effective animal protection group, campaigning peacefully for 30 years against all forms of animal abuse from factory farming to fur, from hunting to animal experiments; helping animals in laboratories, on factory farms, in the pet trade and the wild, and much more.

If you can help at a collection for a couple of hours, or would like to organise your own collection, please call Mark Phillips on 01732 364546 ext 223. If you cannot help on the day you can donate via their website.

Support Animal Aid
Animal Aid.
Ph: Mark: 01732 364546 ext 223

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