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Saturday 16th June 2012

Support the Cambridge Swans

16th June 2012



[PrintView] Rights Cambridge are asking for help for a demo to be held about Cambridge conservators who run the river and the university students and town rowers who use the river as a rowing race track, killing all the wild life or forcefully removing it off the river if it gets in their way.

The demo is to disrupt the biggest university rowing race of the year as the rowers and conservators will not go into any talks about accepting measures to protect wild life.

Meet at 12noon at Water Street, Fen Road, Chesterton, Cambridge CB41UN (outside closed down ferry pub). Contact

Support Animal Right Cambridge
Animal Right Cambridge.

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A swan nicknamed "Mr Asbo" has been removed from the River Cam following a spate of attacks on rowers, canoeists and other river users. The swan with attitude had a thing about people invading his patch of water. The River Cam Conservators applied for an emergency license to allow them to legally remove him, and his passive mate Mrs Asbo. They have been moved to a secret location over 60 miles away. It seems that Asbo would chase members of the public and rowers on the river. The Cam Conservators said the swan had become "abnormally aggressive over the last few years. There has been a concern he or his mate would be injured or a rower would be seriously injured.

Joan Court, from Animal Rights Cambridge, said: "I think itís outrageous he has been mutilated. Iím livid. We are very annoyed the people who moved him completely disregarded the RSPCA advice and weíre outraged by this mutilation. I think thereís going to be trouble now." ...more...

There is also a separate protest planned by Class War on the same day.

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