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Tuesday 24th April 2018

World Day for Animals in Laboratories *

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24th April 2018


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World Day for Laboratory Animals is a United Nations recognized day of international commemoration of the suffering and killing of millions of innocent sentient beings in laboratories throughout the world.

Campaigning organisations in the UK and across the globe, will mark World Day for Laboratory Animals, a time to reflect upon the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals all in the name of a fraudulent scientific practice - a practice that is not only is so cruel to the animals so horribly abused and killed by vivisectors but a practice that so cruelly gives false hope to those with illness and disease.

In 2015 the call is for local groups to join together in organising regional demos to mark World Day.

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About the global grassroots week of action


For this years remembrance of animals in laboratories, rather than the traditional march, all actions will be organised by and for local groups or grassroots campaigns. There will be a diverse range of activities challenging vivisection in as many ways as possible. These will include demonstrations, street stalls, film showings, solidarity for activists either in prison, facing or recovering from repression.

Publicising your events

Please email your actions and events and they will be published at Email details to:

Send your reports afterwards and to go on the website, so everyone can be inspired by your amazing events.

Our commitment to anti-oppression

This decentralised week of action has been organised with a commitment to eradicating all forms of oppression.

See our anti-oppression statement here.

We are proud to be a liberation movement, against all oppression.

For more information about the reality of vivisection today, see the information and resources page here.

2014 Nottingham Rally Report

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