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Sunday 19th June 2016

McLibel: Anniversary Day of Action *

19th June 2016



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McLibel: Anniversary of 1997 High Court Victory!

The High Court ruled that McDonald's marketing has "pretended to a positive nutritional benefit which their food did not match"; that they "exploit children"; are "culpably responsible for animal cruelty" and "pay low wages".

The Appeal court added that it was fair comment that their employees worldwide "do badly in terms of pay and conditions", and true that "if one eats enough McDonald's food" this may well lead to "the very real risk of heart disease."

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McLibel Support Campaign.

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Following the European Court victory the campaign was wound up, although other groups and individuals continue campaigning independently (as has always been the case).

Some things of note since the Euro victory include:
  • BBC showing of the full-length McLibel documentary
  • Protests continue
  • McDonald's / Rainforest / Soya feed for animals scandal (exposed by Greenpeace UK)
  • McDs trying to bully Dictionaries to alter the negative (ie accurate) definition of 'McJob'
  • increasing pressure from all quarters to ban junk food adverts to children


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      EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS confirms 'McDonald’s were not able to claim damages against Veggies for further distribution of the material (What's Wrong With Mc'Donald Factsheet)' :

      "On the last day of the (McLibel) trial, Mr Rampton, counsel for McDonalds, stated: ‘I would certainly accept that after the agreement, the settlement with Veggies had been reached, McDonald’s were not able to claim damages against Veggies for further distribution of the material which is the subject of this action. Plainly because there has been an accord of satisfactions..."

      ... and more ... see

      Also ... from 'Para 241 b - Some general sources:

      "Veggies: as explained previously Veggies reprinted the London Greenpeace Factsheet and have been its main distributors from 1987. After being threatened that year with legal action by McDonald's solicitors there were negotiations and the company dropped all further action. The agreement reached specifically accepted the continued distribution of the Factsheet with only minor amendments, in reality only affecting the 'rainforest' section. Veggies continue to circulate this version of the Factsheet widely. McDonald’s have accepted that their agreement with Veggies amounts to an ‘accord of satisfactions".

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