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Saturday 23rd June 2007

Body Shop / L'Oreal

23rd June 2007


Todays' event against The Body Shop is no longer taking place, but see other campaign details below.

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Body Shop made their fortune by being 'Against Animal Testing' and have now cashed in the support and investment of thousands of caring customers by selling out to a company long criticised by continuing to test on animals. This is a practice that other successful cosmetics customers have been able to avoid for over 20 years, whilst L'Oreal have made a statement saying that they are trying to phase out animal testing in 20 years time - how visionary of them!

Please email the body shop direct and tell them how you feel about L'Oreal and Nestlé being the new management!

Or you could write to them:

The Body Shop UK & ROI Region
Customer Relations Department
Building 4
Hawthorn Road
West Sussex
BN17 7LR

Polite communication only please!

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