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Sunday 4th March 2012

Nottm Fur Protests

4th March 2012



[PrintView] trade protest at 1pm at Flannels, 34-36 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham NG1 2GQ

Followed at 2pm at Paul Smith, 20 Low Pavement Nottingham NG1+7DG (0115 968 5990).

Despite assertions that they will stop selling fur in 2012, Paul Smith still features fur in their collections, so protests continue.

Support Fur Free Notts
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Paul Smith are also at 10 Byard Lane Nottingham NG1 2GJ (0115 950 6712)

To be advised of future demos subscribe to the Nottm Animal Rights News Group.

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If you cannot get to the demo, but would like to help by sending a letter or polite email, here are some ideas:

"Please would you consider the plight of fur bearing animals. Never have so many been so horrifically brutalised and killed for their coats as in recent years. It is long past the time where we human beings need the fur and skin of animals in order to keep warm. Have we really evolved? Do we consider our vanity before we would consider their pain?

The trouble with shops selling fur materials, trinkets, fur trims, fur scarves, fur coats, fur jackets, fur hats, fur everything and anything, is the fact that fur was a LIVING creature. It is beyond belief that so called members of civilised society can acknowledge this truth - and still wear fur, effectively ignoring the suffering of animals within this death-dependent market.

You can easily find film footage, images, songs, poems, letters, forum links, blog posts, reams of literary information current and factual, regarding the treatment of animals caught up in the fur trade. Yet it will do no good at all if you are not compassionate, and if, like Madonna, you are closed to the issue staring the world in the face - the signature of the fur trade is cruelty - millions of animals die slowly and painfully within this greedy and bloodthirsty supply chain. Madonna and her fur wearing contemporaries display a total lack of empathy for animal life.

Does your store wish to be part of the 'I don't care' mentality? Does the well-being of animals not figure anywhere in your agenda? Do you care how your store is perceived by the media and indeed your customers?

If you do not care, and if you are only concerned with what is gained from the price tag, then what? I would hope a store of any stature might be obligated to consider a conscientious decision in favour of what is right, and not to stoop so low as to put profit margin before precious life.

If you continue to sell animal pelts, your slogan could be -

'Never mind where it came from, never mind who it belonged to, never mind how much pain it took to get it, we will will sell it!' and you will be demonstrating a heartless capacity to dissolve moral and ethical standards within your market place.

Please show the world that you do care, please, stop selling fur. Fur does not belong to you, and it does not belong to the purchaser.

Fur belongs to the animals who were born with their beautiful coats in tact. Sadly the owners of the coats for sale in your store are now lying in an early grave, their cries for help forever unheard.

We cannot save the ones already hanging on a peg, but we can save the ones who are waiting right now, in a tiny cage for a fate too terrible to bear. Imagine them if you will, their eyes pleading for rescue, who will help to stop this heinous trade? Shops can stop it, don't sell it!!

Please think compassionately and please act compassionately, please do not forsake the animals lost inside the insanity of the fur trade.

For the sake of those who will soon be stripped of their coats, for the pleasure in knowing that your decision could save lives, please do not sell fur, it really is worth it. You can do it! Make a stand for something head and shoulders above the rest, don't sell it, save it!

For sentient beings, a better tomorrow, for the greater good of all living creatures, please end fur sales forever, today."

March 31, 2011: Anti-fur Activists Target Derby Road Horror Shop . April 01, 2011: Celias Decides To Stop Selling Fur

November 28, 2010: Anti fur demonstratios at Paul Smith

Jan'07 demo pics and report by Tash at Notts Indymedia

See SkinTrade the movie at

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