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Saturday 1st December 2012

Up the Anti

1st December 2012


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[PrintView] the Anti is a one day conference to think about and discuss how we lay claim to the future that we want and deserve. It will host an eclectic mix of sessions, ranging from in-depth seminars and debates to participatory, facilitated discussions and workshops:
- Is there an alternative to capitalism? What might it look like?
- How do we win popular support for new radical projects?
- What can we learn from the social struggles and new movements in Europe?
- How do we overcome divisions within left and radical movements?
The conference will be held in London at Queen Mary university, not far from Mile End and Stepney Green underground stations.

Food+brews at #UpTheAnti will be by top ethical protest caterers @veggiesnottm. Also there @occupiedtimes @strikedebtuk @anticaptweets... Retweet this message from @RadicalRoutes

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Up The Anti.

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If you are approaching Queen Mary on the A11 from the West (City / Whitechapel) turn left down Bancroft Road, go past Mile End Hospital, then take the first right turn into Moody Street, and the next right into Longnor Road and drive towards the gates which form the entrance to the car park.

If approaching Queen Mary on the A11 from the East (Stratford / M11) there is no right turn into Bancroft Road. Accordingly, you should continue to the next set of traffic lights and turn right into Globe Road (B120), then, take the first right into Alderney Road, at the end of Alderney Road turn left into Bancroft Road. Drive past Mile End Hospital and take the first right into Moody Street and the next right into Longnor Road and drive towards the gates which form the entrance to the car park.

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