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Saturday 31st March 2012

Writers For Animals

31st March 2012


Have you got a story in you? Writers For Animals will be a short story compilation of around 200 pages, published May 2012. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to animal rescues, so neither the editors nor contributors will be paid.

The editorial collective seek both true-life and fiction stories of between 800 and 8,000 words - deadline 31st March

WANTED: Fiction stories of all genres, plus true accounts of animals who've touched your heart, or people who've put themselves out to help animals.

NOT WANTED: stories for children (that's a separate future book), poetry, essays, political rants, copyrighted material, sexually explicit content & opening chapters of novels.

For more info and instructions on how to submit:

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Writers For Animals will be a book of short stories published in May 2012 to raise funds for animal rescues.

You are invited to suggest any animal rescues/sanctuaries for us to donate the proceeds to (they would not have to put any effort into the project, though we'd ask for some photos of animals for the back cover).

The editorial collective are looking for contributions of 800 - 8,000 words.

They want both true-life stories about animals and the people who've helped them, plus fiction for adults and teenagers in every genre.

You can write whatever you like, provided it has some animal characters and/or relevance to animal issues.

Stories only please, no poetry, essays or political opinions.

The closing date is 31st March 2012.

For information on how to submit, please email writersforanimals at

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