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Saturday 15th June 2013

Homebrew Fest and Craft Fair

15th June 2013


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/img/arc/homebrew145.jpgShare, taste & find out about homebrewing including wines, ciders, ales, lagers and more. Bring, drink & compare your homebrews.

Craft fair, info stalls including ExLibris book stall and Food by Veggies, from 12midday at Sumac.

Peoples Kitchen at 7pm - Live Entertainment in the evening.

Please come along and help to organise this event. We need:

- all homebrewers to get in touch if they would like to bring some brew to taste and share and maybe sell for a small donation to cover costs.

- Craft type stalls, and info stalls

- Any bands who fancy providing some entertainment.

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Sumac Centre.
245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX
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On Saturday the 15th of June – there will be a Home Brew Fest at the Sumac. And we need lots of help to make it happen:

Firstly we need some folk to make some homebrew to sample for donations.

You will need:
2 litre plastic fizzy pop bottles (cleaned out)
Irish moss - 100gms £2.40 - Flagon and Cask (This will do around 10 batches)
Beer yeast - 100gms £1.15 - Flagon and Cask ( This will do around 10 batches)

For each batch of 5 gallons/40 pints:

Malted barley - 4kgs £7.60 - Flagon and Cask
Crystal Malt - 500gms £1.50 - Flagon and Cask
Hops - 100gms £4.50 - Flagon and Cask

All other equipment available.

Flagon and Cask

You will be able to get your initial outlay back in donations – plus we will make some extra and we will need to decide what benefit, organisation, event etc we would like to donate this too!

PLUS – you will learn how to make your own Home brew for the future

Please can you get in touch if you would like to get involved in the home brewing day with

Secondly – Craft Fair – if you make anything ‘Crafty’ or would like to and would like a stall/table to sell your wares please get in touch. (Fabric Crafts, Jewellery, books, plants, produce, 2nd hand items, jumble, cakes, bric-a-brac, anything folk might be interested in).

Also anyone wanting to have an info stall, please get in touch and plan to come along – the money made is yours and if you would like to make a small donation to the chosen benefit that would be great.

Thirdly – Entertainment – we are looking for some acoustic and amplified bands to come along and play in the afternoon and evening to entertain folk. If you are in a band or solo and interested please get in touch. Or if you would like to recommend any band, act, person to play please get in touch and let us know.

Fourthly – as it’s a Saturday it would be great to have a team of folk to run the Peoples Kitchen for this event – please get in touch if you are interested.

PLUS – help needed now to create posters, come up with more ideas for the day and on the day with the Homebrew, bar, general organisation etc – please get in touch if you are interested.


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sumac centreThe Sumac Centre is an independent community and social centre in Nottingham, part of the UK Social Centre Network and Radical Routes.

Sumac provides resources, meeting spaces and skills for groups and individuals campaigning for human rights, animal rights, the environment, peace and co-operation world-wide. [wikipedia]

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, the Centre becomes the Forest Fields Social Club (FFCS a.k.a Sumac Bar) from 7.30. The FFSC is a members club, but membership is easy and guests are welcome. For gigs and fundraising benefits, guests can pay at the door and members are invited to make a donation.

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