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Saturday 24th February 2018

Hunt Crimewatch

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[PrintView]“It’s pretty much business as usual hunt sabbing in the fields of rural England, years after the hunting ban came into force - if you can call it a ban - week in week out we see hunts chasing and killing foxes in direct violation of the ban.” - H.S.A. Press Officer

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The 'ban' on hunting with hounds was passed through parliament, but has it made a blind bit of difference to the bloody fate of persecuted British wildlife? No – but it has provided an invaluable lesson on how people with cash and influence can buck the law with impunity. Not only that, but those trying to curb their illegal activities face police harassment and hunt thuggery. See full article at SCHNews Friday 7th March 2008

When the ban was implemented foxhunting, staghunting, minkhunting and ALL hare coursing moved onto the footing shared by illegal hare coursing, dogfighting, cockfighting and the like, (all of which are still happening).

To train young hounds to hunt they are taken cub hunting. Cub hunting takes place between July and September. At a cub hunt saboteurs will use horn and voice calls to confuse the young hounds and save the lives of countless fox cubs.

Revenge TV Film of hunt violence against sabs

Visit video footage at You Tube and GoogleVideo to rate the videos and add your comments. (Broadband needed)

Hunt Crime Watch

Since February 18th, 2005, hunting and coursing with dogs has been illegal in England and Wales. This was a wonderful day for our wildlife, and a massive step forwards to the creation of a more humane and decent society.

However, across England and Wales, hunters continue hunting. Some may be hunting an artificial scent, going 'drag hunting' as we have long urged them to. But others continue to hunt wild animals, either openly and blatantly, or secretly, blaming "accidents" for the cruel chase and death of our wildlife.

Always take a copy of the hunting act out with you, it might help if you could point out which part of the law they might be breaking.

A copy of the law is at

The League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA also works to maintain and strengthen the law against hunting with dogs.


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