Nottingham Animal Rights Networking

Thursday 4th September 2014

Starts 19:30 - Every 4 weeks

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/nar/wpimages/wp5f2f5236_06.pngNottingham Animal Rights meets in the City Centre every 4 weeks to catch up on campaigns, giving a special opportunity for new supporters to meet up in a social environment.

New venue: CoolVape: On 17th April the meeting is at CoolVape, a coffee shop at 48 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ. Note: now starting 7.30 sharp.

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Veggie Food Is Here!
Nottingham Animal Rights.
c/o 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX
Ph: 0115 960 8254 . Email: (Check the format of address)

In between these City Centre meetings there is also a meeting at the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields.

Upcoming events and campaigns are listed at the NAR News List and often published at Nottingham Indymedia

Nottingham Animal Rights holds public planning meetings every fortnight, alternately at the Sumac Centre, a community centre in forest fields and in the City Centre.

We recognize that turning up to a meeting of complete strangers can be daunting, but the atmosphere at NottmAR meetings is always very informal, and by all means bring a couple of friends with you if it makes you feel more confident, everyone is welcome!

The planning meetings are where you can obtain support from like minded people for campaigns against all forms of animal cruelty.

There is no hierarchy, our broad scope is a consequence of a broad demographic of proactive members. Whether your interest is in countering the fur trade, factory farming, vivisection, blood sports or (most commonly) all animal cruelty, you will find campaigning opportunities as part of both local and national initiatives.

All our activities are 100% legal and non-violent, we do public protests and other direct action, we do information stalls, we do free food give-aways, we do sanctuary work, and in fact anything else we can think of!

You can also find us on Facebook, myspace and Twitter.

You can also visit the archive of past news, including details of events planned at the fortnightly meeting.

Join our email News Group for details of local demos, meetings, fundraising and information-based activities and trips to demos, and other events out of town.

Vegan catering campaigning: All around the country, all through the year, Veggies takes the vegan message to all kinds of good events. See tour dates on Veggies Events Diary.

A rights to protest briefing is available to print off: rtf document here.

Support Nottm Animal Rights :

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