Remembering David Lane

Sunday 7th June 2015

Starts 14:00

Details from Sunday June 7th at the Sumac Centre there will be an informal memorial meeting for our late supporter, life-long peace activist, conscientious objector and vegan, David Lane [1934 2014].

David's friend & follow campaigner, Bruce Kent, honorary vice-president of CND, will join us, as will a number of people who worked alongside David in the book trade and on many campaign trails over the years.

Vegan catering will be provided Veggies Catering Campaign, whose very existence, let alone 30 years of campaigning, came about through David's constant support.

Further information from Moyra, Chesterfield CND [email] or phone 07732 128480
or 07870 861837
or Ross, Five Leaves Bookshop:

[Map at - Accessible entrance at back door at 73 Beech Avenue]

Veggies Food Is Here!
Remembering David Lane.
From a brief history of 50 years of Vegetarian/Vegan Campaigning in Nottingham

Remembering David Lane 1934 2014

"Since about 1962 the Nottingham Vegetarian Society, has been the local branch of the Vegetarian Society of the UK. In the late 80s it became the Nottingham Vegetarian & Vegan (veg*n) Society.

"The long-standing chair of the society, David Lane, was fundamental in helping to establish Veggies Catering Campaign and the Rainbow Centre, later to become The Sumac Centre.

Inspired by a visit to Nottingham [organised by David] by the late Kathleen Jannaway, Veggies has become closely involved with the Movement for Compassionate Living, adding sustainable living and local ecology to the many other benefits of veganism."

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