Harlan Interfauna Demo

Saturday 25th August 2012

Starts 12:00

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A National Protest and March against Harlan Interfauna, breeders of beagles for vivisection who were last year exposed by a worker for appalling conditions and terrible cruelty.

[Map at http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=CB2+1AA]

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Save The Harlan Beagles.
Ph: Erica: 07840 986864 . Email: hello-at-savetheharlanbeagles.com (Check the format of address)
Website: http://savetheharlanbeagles.com/
Video of speech by Dr Victoria Martindale at Save the Harlan Beagles Demo 25 August 2012

A heart wrenching speech by Erica Barclay of Save the Harlan Beagles Campaign Group:

See also Harlan Liberation Demo video report.

Harlan BeeglesHarlan BeeglesCampaigners have have won victory over victory against Harlan with staff leaving, the general manager resigning, docks and airports pulling out of transporting the dogs, suppliers refusing to deal with them and a tv documentary which showed the campaign in a really good light and the presenter even said at the end he thought we would win the battle. But.....we cannot ever sit back...we have to keep the unrelentless pressure up to get this close placed down. It is just a few hours...please join us if you can.

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