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Wednesday 21st February 2018

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KAALE vigils are held whenever there is a sailing of live animals from Ramsgate on the exporter Ouderwater's ship the Joline.

Sailings are announced on the 01304 204688 info line by the lunchtime before the night it is to happen, with a texting service to inform people as soon as they know of a sailing. Register your mobile number to 07968 134489 or email.

Regular monthy demos may also be held at Dover or Ramsgate.

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Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE).
The Sheiling, London Road, Sholden, Deal, CT14 0AD
Ph: 01304 204688 / 07968 134489 . Email: (Check the format of address)
As you will see from a sample email below, this dedicated group are battling constantly against a disgraceful trade. It it the support of people like yourselves that keeps them going.

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From: Kent Action Against Live Exports
Date: 24 August 2013 21:31
Subject: Fw: Friday's double sailing

Friday was a terrible day for us and the animals.

Dover Harbour Board had always said they had placed restrictions on the Exporters but on Friday they went out of the window.

Instead of 'office hours' for the sailings the ship was allowed in to the port at 4am in the dark.
We realised what was happening and nearly 30 wonderful protesters made the harbour entrance by the time the ship arrived.

The local population were very upset with us for being there in the middle of the night but if the shipments are to be at such an unsavoury hour then I'm afraid we HAVE to be there.

The locals need to complain to DHB for allowing the shipment at such an hour. The harbour staff have been told not to tell us any information, hoping to have a shipment without us there but they must realise we will use any means possible including spotters in Calais to tell us when the ship moves.

If they are so proud of this trade then why try to hide it from us????

We haven't disrupted one sailing of the export ship or the other ferries. We only shame the DHB staff by exposing to the general public just what is going on.

Three large transporters and Trevor Head's small farm type entered the port before 5am and two empty vehicles came off the Joline and sped away.

We already believed that there was to be a further sailing that day and empties leaving the ship confirmed this. We were told it would be about 3pm that afternoon.

After the ship sailed we went home grabbed about two hours sleep and continued with our normal life until about 1pm when we realised that the ship was still at Calais so 3pm was out of the question. Eventually we found out that she would be across for 5pm too late to stop people arriving at the port before 3pm.

She arrived and we all waited until 7.40pm when eventually 3 vehicles arrived. One of the empties from the morning, Onderwater, the owner of the boat's, own transporter and two other Dutch vehicles.

The ship sailed at 8.30pm and Animal Health put on their face book site that there were no welfare issues and everything was wonderful.

What a farce!!! Hardened monitors, who are at every sailing, were shocked by the last vehicle to enter the port as the animals were crushed against the sides. No wonder Animal Health and DHB don't want the RSPCA inspectors in the port.

They would have been horrified at what Animal Health thinks is OK and fit to travel. They obviously have no feeling for the animals and are just box tickers.

Please contact your own MP's and ask them to support Charlie Elphike the Deal and Dover MP who is totally against the trade and is trying very hard to bring change about. He would be very grateful for support.

The full reports and accompanying pictures will be on KAALE's website in the next couple of days.

Take a look just what we are about.

Previous info:

2nd May 2013: Live exports have resumed from the Port of Dover in Kent amid protests calling for an end to the trade.

Exports were temporarily suspended following an incident in which 45 sheep died but, following a very dubious court hearing, exports resumed on Friday 19th October. KAALE have published a major press report detailing the flawed court process.

KAALE monthly demos are held on the first Saturday of every month at Dover Eastern docks.
Confirmation on our info line well in advance.


You may wish to send a letter, based on this one from KAALE, or based on the major press report detailing the flawed court process.

To: Mr. David Heath; Minister of State for Agriculture and Food,
Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR.

Dear Sir,

I am sure that you are well aware of the tragic events of Wednesday 12th September 2012 at Ramsgate
port, events we have been predicting for many months if not years. We thank the Animal Health staff for
having the courage to stand against the exporters and refuse this vehicle in question the right to travel.
That it , and others, have been passed before with a mere caution is the reason that we have questioned
your staff over the preceding months.

We have said from day one of the trade moving to Ramsgate from Dover that the port was not suitable
and did not have the facilities in the case of an emergency such as this. The attitude has been, always, that
the animals were going for slaughter and from this we had the impression that as this was the case it
didn’t matter if they suffered before hand. We were classed as eccentric ‘bunny huggers’ by many of your
staff and the replies to some of our letters have been condescending to say the least.

That we care is without question but for reasons that have now become seen to be justified. Over the years
we have seen many incidents that we believed should have stopped the trade and yet still it continues.
Everyone hides behind European law and no one will make a stand against the cruelty, which scientific
evidence gives weight to, by reducing these distances.

We agree that economic concerns have to be given consideration but even those concerns under scrutiny
bring to the fore the argument that exporting the animals live also exports British jobs and in times of
uncertainty in the job market we need those jobs. Most of the people involved in Ramsgate are either Dutch
or Irish including the owner of the ship, Johannes Onderwater, and his ‘silent’ backer Thomas Lomas and
the port does not need the trade to boost its profits. That the owners of the port from the beginning did not
want to accommodate this ship but were forced into doing so by the threat of legal action is well

From day one it has cost the Council in money and Ramsgate port in reputation but until now their hands
have been tied. We ask that you support the Councils brave decision to suspend the trade when the
expected legal challenge comes. We know the NFU have said the council has no right to suspend the trade,
however, even they have acknowledged that the ship in question is ‘not fit for purpose’ prior to these tragic
events and their South Eastern spokesperson, Frank Langrish, in a meeting with us and the RSPCA agreed
with this statement.

None of the people present on Wednesday want to witness such scenes again and the RSPCA inspectors,
having done such a brilliant job under such adverse conditions, were quite traumatised by the whole set of
circumstances. We know you are to review the days events and ask that you show compassion to the
animals involved in this trade and make the suspension permanent for the people of Kent.

Yours Sincerely

Live exports lorry In April 2011 ThisIsKent reported that Thanet council's commercial services manager Mark Seeds described the transportation as "like baked beans, only live animals". He said: "We provide a berth for a boat and the ability to have a loading quay. We've been told in no uncertain terms that is the only role we play."

Animal Aid ask you to write to the Port of Ramsgate to protest against live exports. They point out that "the ban on shipping live animals abroad was lifted in 2006. British calves are surplus 'by-products' of the dairy industry, taken from their mothers at a few days old so that the milk meant for them can be bottled up for humans. Up to half a million of these unwanted animals face a long, traumatic journey by road and sea, to be confined and then slaughtered for the veal trade."

KAALE LogoKALE monitors take down details of arrival times, registration numbers and contents etc of the transporters.

The ship can only carry 7 lorries and to date the most it has had has been 6, indicating the effectiveness of the hard work by organisations such as KALE working to reduce the trade. But even one lorry is too much.

In case of cancellations, check information on sailings, announced on the information line 01304 204688, which confirms each sailing by 7pm of the evening concerned.

Support is invited from anyone living near or traveling on major transport routes. Look out for transporters on motorways, A-roads and service areas. If you see a truck, try and get the number plate, the time, date and location, and phone/txt details to 07968 134489 or 07787 613265 . (Write down these numbers, or put them in your mobile phone now).

See also the discussion of The import and export of live animals through Ramsgate Harbour on

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