Animal Rights Calendar

ARC quick linkThe Animal Rights CalendAR lists all major and many local campaign events in the UK.

The Calendar is compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign and updated constantly for use by Animal Rights groups nationwide.

Event Organisers are urged to check the calendar to avoid clashes and submit full event details as soon as a date is set for details to be added to this nationally coordinated calendar. Provisional dates may be submitted too.

For over 25 years Veggies has taken the animal rights message to over 100 events each year, but we can only do it with your support – please click button to donate now.

The Animal Rights Calendar can be accessed in various views:

Add your event

Submit your event details via the contact form

Subscribe to email list for event announcements.

You can also quote or link the Animal Rights Calendar as

We have all kinds of ideas to make the calendar even better, but could use the help of a php / msql programmer.