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vegan outreachThe Vegan Outreach Diary lists the increasing number of food-based vegan outreach events, from free food stalls to major vegan festivals.

Event Organisers are urged to check the diary and to submit full event details as soon as a date is set, for details to be added to this nationally coordinated diary. Provisional dates may be submitted too.

The Diary is compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign and updated constantly for use by vegan food campaigners nationwide.

The Vegan Outreach Diary is designed to be reciprocally linked from any other group, website or event with a similar mission, to demonstrate the spirit of mutual support and cooperation that is central to Veggies campaigns.

The Vegan Outreach Diary can be accessed in various views:

A quick list of Vegan Events

A quick list of Vegan Events

Listing produced 29-Sep-2014
For full & up-to-date details go to the current Vegan Outreach Diary

  • Tue 30 Sep : Vegan Hour
  • Thu 2 Oct : Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Meeting
  • Mon 6 Oct : London Vegans Meeting
  • Wed 8 Oct : Taunton Vegans & Veggies
  • Sat 11 Oct : Vegan Lincs Meeting
  • Sat 11 Oct : People’s Kitchen, Nottingham
  • Thu 16 Oct : Veggies Vegan Campaigns Meeting
  • Sat 18 Oct : Anarchist Bookfair 2014
  • Sat 18 Oct : Veggies 30th Anniversary!
  • Mon 20 Oct : People’s Kitchen Glossop
  • Sat 25 Oct : West Midlands Vegan Festival
  • Mon 27 Oct : Derby People’s Kitchen
  • Sat 1 Nov : Vegan Month
  • Sat 1 Nov : World Vegan Day
  • Sat 1 Nov : PETA World Vegan Day Demo
  • Sat 1 Nov : Huddersfield World Vegan Day Fair
  • Sun 2 Nov : North East Vegan Festival (Sunderland)
  • Sat 22 Nov : S.W. Christmas Without Cruelty Festival (Exeter)
  • Sat 29 Nov : Viva!’s Incredible Vegan Christmas (Bristol)
  • Mon 1 Dec : Cruelty-Free Christmas Campaigning
  • Wed 3 Dec : Vegan Christmas Dinner, W.Yorks
  • Sat 6 Dec : Compassionate Derby
  • Sun 7 Dec : Animal Aid’s Christmas Fair
  • Thu 25 Dec : Merry Christmas from Viva!
  • Thu 1 Jan : Veganuary
  • Sun 1 Mar : Veggie Month
  • Fri 20 Mar : Meatout
  • Sat 28 Mar : Vegfest Brighton
  • Sat 11 Apr : LABL Fair – Liverpool
  • Sat 23 May : VegFestUK Bristol
  • Sat 13 Jun : Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2015
  • Sat 4 Jul : Newcastle Vegan Festival
  • Sat 1 Aug : Vegan Camp
  • Sat 17 Oct : Northern Vegan Festival
  • 37 events listed

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    The Vegan Outreach Diary lists the increasing number of food-based vegan outreach events, from free food stalls to major vegan festivals.

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    Wanna organise a Vegan Festival?

    Vegfest logoFor advice on running street stalls promoting veganism, free vegan food fairs, vegan festivals and even starting a vegan cafe see the Vegan Campaigning Tactics booklet from London Vegan Campaigns new window icon (475kb pdf document - opens in new window).

    Read the Students Against Animal Cruelty guide: How to organise a food fayre or cruelty-free festival.

    There was an inspiring article "Robin Lane, Alison Coe… And Starting Up a Successful Vegan Festival", but it is unfortunately lost from the website. Let us know if you can locate a copy.

    Vegan Free Food Giveaways

    Vegan Free Food Giveaway StallVegFund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting outreach activities that inspire people to choose a vegan lifestyle. Since its inception in 2009 VegFund sponsored over 1,700 vegan outreach projects in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, UK, Australia, India, Africa, and South America. Check out their food sampling advice and video.

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    More Vegan Campaigning with Veggies Catering Campaign.