Vegan Outreach Diary

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vegan outreachThe Vegan Outreach Diary lists the increasing number of food-based vegan outreach events, from free food stalls to major vegan festivals.

Event Organisers are urged to check the diary and to submit full event details as soon as a date is set, for details to be added to this nationally coordinated diary. Provisional dates may be submitted too.

The Diary is compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign and updated constantly for use by vegan food campaigners nationwide.

The Vegan Outreach Diary is designed to be reciprocally linked from any other group, website or event with a similar mission, to demonstrate the spirit of mutual support and cooperation that is central to Veggies campaigns.

The Vegan Outreach Diary can be accessed in various views:

A quick list of Vegan Events

Listing produced 18-Feb-2015
For full & up-to-date details go to the current Vegan Outreach Diary