Tetra Pak Craft Recycling

The Crafty Sumac Folk have lots of ideas for reusing Tetra Paks

Here's TetraTim, with his fetching Tetra Top Hat & Bow Tie, demonstrating the Triffic Tetra Tombola Tumbler!

The 60 second tetra pak wallet

Yes, you too can make your own wallet in 60-seconds by practicing these simple instructions:
  • Use a brick-shaped tetra-pak with a flat resealer, such as a Plamil soya carton - not the tall ones with a screw top.

  • To wash out, pull apart glued corner flaps, part fill with washing-up water, reseal and give a good shake.

  • Trim the glued edge from top & bottom (approx 8mm) to open up. Leave to dry.

  • Flatten dry pak and trim sides and front off the top, leaving the flap with the resealable lid.

  • Trim down an extra 8mm.

  • Turn over and trim sides and back of the bottom, leaving the section opposite to the top flap.

  • Trim edge of bottom flap diagonally, so edges are tapered.

  • Fold in the sides of container in as shown.

  • With bottom flap uppermost, fold the main body of the flatten pak in half, so that trimmed edge at bottom lines up with the trimmed edge of the top.

  • Shiny side of tapered bottom flap should be facing up in the middle. Tuck it in, thus holding the two halves together.

  • Carefully fold top flap over - the exta 5mm trim should avoid the plastic seal peeling away.

  • Loop a (discarded postman's) elastic band through the plastic seal and wrap around to close the wallet.

Your wallet should last about six months, at which point you can make another one in another 60-seconds, thus keeping at least one tetra pak permanetely out of the waste stream! If a million people did the same, about 25,000 tonnes of waste could be saved.

Instructions not clear? To get one we made earlier, send a stamped addressed envelope and an extra, loose, stamp to 'Veggies Tetra Wallet', at the address below.

nb. We apologise for any breach of copyright by refering to 'Tetra Pak' or 'pak', when of course other brands of 'paper-based drinks and liquid food cartons' (apparently) exist.

Once you have made wallets for all your family and friends find out how to recycle your remaining tetra paks at http://www.veggies.org.uk/page.php?ref=797
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All the rage at the 2010 Earth First Summer Gathering!

Tip: A double thickness of tetrapak (trimmed for a perfect fitting) is suggested for the sole.
The whole thing is best reinforced with gaffa /duct tape!

Thanks to our fashionista models!

Cyber-Man & Tetra-Woman!

Dr Who props department get back to basics!

With thanks and apologies to the BBC!

Tetra Planters

with sun reflector and drip tray!

Tetra Tool Tidy

Tetrapac Tool Box Tidy

Tetra Fish Mobile

As featured at Commotion for the Ocean art space Glastonbury 2014

Relish Containers . Leaflets Bands

  1. Sugar bowl, t-spoon dispenser, relish tub.
  2. Troubled by fly-away leaflets? Struggle no more with these sturdy tetra-bands to hold your propaganda in place!

Puncture Repair Kit

Bicycology designed this nifty puncture kit (from which the elastic band idea was adopted for the wallet design). It has neat fan-folded sides, based on slits in the base which, once unfolded I couldn't work out how to fold back together! Perhaps you can work it out...

The Bicycology logo glasses look like they are made from the shiny inside of a tetrapac too!

"Bicycology uses creative methods to encourage environmental responsibility. Its' aim is to promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable alternative to high-carbon lifestyles, and to challenge the politics and economics that have led us down the road to environmental destruction and massive global injustice" : www.bicycology.org.uk

tetra pak bird feeder

Tetra Pak Bird Feeder

Find this and other crafty ideas at the recyclethis.co.uk website.

Coming soon
  • Tetra Cutlery Drainer
  • Tetra Desk Tidy
  • Tetra Travelling Dog Bowl
  • Tetra Stamp Pack
  • Tetra Mobile Herb Garden
  • Tetra Top Hat & Bow Tie
  • Tetra Tombola Tumbler

See more ideas on the corporate tetra pak recycling website.

Pop Can Drafts Board, Pop Can Night Lights, Tetra DVD Holder, Carrier Bag Plant Pot Holder

Send us your pics and designs!

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