Samosas for Social Change

Funds for many campaigns and charitable appeals have been raised by 'Samosas for Social Change', an autonomous project co-ordinated by Veggies.

This simple initiative has raised funds (for example) for Nottm Friends of the Iraqi People, Vegfam, the Mansfield Woodhouse Sherwood campaign, the European and World Social Forums, Kirkby Cat Rescue, the Asian tsunami (via Vegfam), the New Orleans hurricane disaster (via Food Not Bombs), the Shipley Bodge camp against open cast coal mining and funding for a Nottm activists' expedition with Sea Shepherd.

The fund also covers expenses for events and campaigns in and around the Sumac Centre, including internet provision, Faslane 365, Nottm Food Not Bombs and visiting speakers expense.

SSC also helps with printing for related projects via the Community Print Resource, which is also sponsored by Veggies, and has assisted the printing or purchase of publications made available through Veggies Bookstall and Info Exchange at Sumac and at outside events.

All you have to do to help is to come to the Sumac Centre, or selected events catered for by Veggies, and eat samosas!

Through our nominated charity, Vegfam, Veggies have been ‘Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals’ since our beginnings in 1984.

Over 30 years the years Vegfam has provides relief to people who have been victims of flood, drought, cyclone or war in over 40 countries. Vegfam promotes the advantages of a vegan diet and lifestyle for feeding the world in an environmentally friendly way.

This is an excellent way to ensure your charitable gifts don't compromise your beliefs or further increase the effects of climate change and the second population explosion of farmed animals overcrowding our planet.

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Ph: Sundra & Simon: 01550 721197 . Email: vegfam -at- (Check the format of address)

Samosas for Social Change launches solidarity appeal for Climate Change on Trial


Climate change activists who shut down Ratcliffe-on Soar power station in April 2007, returned to Nottingham Bridewell Magistrates Court on 25th Feb 2008 for the judges ruling.

In January the activists (ie reasonable citizens committed to averting climate chaos) defended themselves against charges of aggravated trespass, arguing that it was necessary to take such action. They demonstrated (but not to the satisfaction of the judge) that the threat of climate change on human life is so imminent & serious that they felt it a proportionate and reasonable response to commit aggravated trespass to try to reduce carbon emissions from England's 3rd largest CO2 emmiter, Ratcliffe on Soar power station. After commending their presentation in court the District Judge retired spend two days to prepare a report and to consider his verdict.

Whilst accepting the urgency of the impending climate crisis and the genuine concerns and motivation for the peaceful action taken, he never-the-less found the ten defendents guilty, imposing fines and costs totalling £2530.

Show your support.

More info at Climate Change on Trial report.

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Samosas for Hurricane Relief

Help Food Not Bombs Feed The Victims of Katrina.

Veggies have has already sent emergency funding. Please help us send more.

Food Not Bombs PictureFood Not Bombs groups all across the southern United States are feeding families displaced by Katrina. We need clothes, food, cooks cooking equipment, and money to provide for thousands of hungry homeless people.

People all over America have been calling Food Not Bombs asking what they can do to help the people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Food Not Bombs has started organizing buses, vans and truckloads of food, kitchen equipment and clothing to the people fleeing the disaster. It’s a real honor that so many people are looking to Food Not Bombs to help. So far we have busloads of material support and volunteers from Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dayton, Hartford, Tucson, and Saint Petersburg. Volunteers from the west are meeting in Houston and people from the east are meeting in Baton Rouge. The first Food Not Bombs kitchen is outside the Houston Convention Center. The Baton Rouge kitchen will be set up shortly.

Because this disaster may last 6 months to a year or more we intend to set up Food Not Bombs field kitchens throughout the region. Food Not Bombs is encouraging the refugees to participate in cooking, serving and collecting the food. Their participation may be one of the most therapeutic things we can provide. It is possible that as many as a million people will be homeless for the next 6 months as a result of this disaster.

In a few weeks many of these people will be considered regular members of America’s homeless population. In 1989, Food Not Bombs fed the people made homeless by the earthquake and after a few weeks the working class victims were forgotten and faced the same problems as those who were homeless before the earthquake. Because this could be such a long crisis it may be better for us to teach people how to organize their own local Food Not Bombs group so they can provide long-term support.

Help feed the victims of Katrina.
Please donate c/o Veggies or online at

Indian Ocean Tsunami Appeal

On the day that disaster struck, Vegfam arranged funding for a relief team with 3,000 food packets of plant based foods – vegetables, pulses and rice - to help survivors of the tsunami wave living on the coastal planes of the Tamil Nadu State.

Stop Press 21st Jan'05 - Longer Term Response

VEGFAM is now fundraising to assist a registered International Humanitarian Charity that is assessing the longer term needs of the affected areas in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. VEGFAM has funded projects with this Charity for some years - they are ideally suited to carrying out these assessments, as they have been providing Food Security Programmes, water and sanitation projects to these areas since 1996.

Prior to the tsunami disaster, Sri Lanka had experienced floods over a 10 day period, that had resulted in the destruction of thousands of homes and half of the local paddy fields. This means that the projected food harvest for January has been reduced by 75% and 61,000 people are affected. There is a risk of Cholera and other water borne diseases because of polluted water supplies.

It is expected that VEGFAM will be able to contribute to a long term vegetable growing project (and possibly water security also) - as part of the regeneration and food security programme, to either Sri Lanka or Indonesia. We shall know in March exactly where help is needed most. In the meantime - fundraising for the longer term project(s), is crucial.

Vegfam have set up a special account for the victims of the Tsunami. Donations can be paid in direct to the “Vegfam Indian Ocean Earthquake Appeal” account number 65158447, sort code number 08 - 90 - 99 (at The Co-operative Bank).

See also Tsunami Relief for Animals (and people) . Nottm Alternative News article.

Hunger Re-Leaf

Vegfam also supports long-term self-help projects, including seeds, tree-planting, wells and 'Leaves for Life, a low-tech method of producing a nutritious tofu-style food from the juice pressed from almost any available leaves. (Samples, info and recipes for 'Leafu' is available May-November for £5, from Leafcycle, Coombe farm, Cove, Tiverton, Devon EX16 7RU).

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