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During 2005/6 Veggies & the Sumac Centre ran a trial scheme for the recycling of tetra paks collected from their catering operations. This was a small internal trial, as we did not actually have anywhere locally to take them!

Cartons are successfully recycled in large volumes throughout Europe, where high quality carton fibre has consistently been valued.

STOP PRESS : Carton recycling in Nottingham

We were delighted to hear, in Sept'07, that paper-based drinks and liquid food cartons, such as tetra paks, can now be recycled at various points within the City of Nottingham.
Can You Help by taking tetra paks to the nearest collection point:
  • Sainsburys Castle Marina, Castle Bridge Road NG7 1GX

  • Asda Hyson Green, Radford Road, NG7 5FP

  • Co-op Carlton Road, NG3 2FB

  • Tesco Top Valley, Top Valley Way, NG5 9DD

  • Kwiksave Sneinton, Meadow Lane, NG2 3GD
    nb. reader reports: "Just pointing out that the City Council *say* there is a tetra pack
    facility here, but in fact there *is not*.
    " Please keep us advised.

    Details from http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk

  • Also (Oct'08): Woodthorpe Grange Car Park, Woodthorpe Grange, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG5 4HA

Before throwing away - have you made YOUR tetra pak wallet?

It should be noted that these collection points may not be able to accept more than domestic quantities, based as they are on household recycling sites.

Cartons are also recycled in many other local authority areas, including locally in Ashfield, Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling and Melton Mowbray.

Once collected, the cartons can be taken away to be baled, transported to a recycling mill. They can be recycled into a number of different products, ranging from plasterboard liner to high-strength paper bags and envelopes.

Each year, UK beverage carton manufacturers produce 55,000 tonnes of paper-based cartons for milk, juice, sauces and other liquid food/drinks.  This equates to around 2.3kg of cartons per household which could be recycled instead of thrown in the rubbish bin.

More tetracraft ideas at http://www.veggies.org.uk/page.php?ref=433

To reduce your tetrapac waste, see also the Do-It-Yourself Milk Making Recipe, below.

Visit http://www.recycle-more.co.uk to enter your postcode to display a map of your nearest recycling site and thanks for the link back from reducereuserecycle.co.uk for more info recycling facilities in Nottingham.

For more info on recycling, waste reduction and minimal packaging at Veggies, see recycling details on the Sumac Diary listing.
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Sumac Centre.
245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX
Ph: 0845 458 9595 . Email: NoSpam.sumac@veggies.org.uk (Remove the NoSpam filter from the address)
Website: http://www.veggies.org.uk/page.php?ref=797

Thank you if you helped to lobby the Council

Please thank the recycling contact at Nottingham City Council, Chris Bailey
(0115 915 2126) for establishing tetra pak collection points in Nottingham.

There are many sites across the city where you can take other waste to be recycled. They are known as 'Bring Sites' and can accept some or all of the following:
  • Clear, Brown and Green Glass

  • Paper (newspapers, magazines, catalogues, brochures, envelopes, cardboard, cards)

  • Textiles

  • Cans / Tins (Aluminium, Steel and Aerosols), including food tins.

  • Books

A supporter asks:
"Does anyone know *anywhere* in Nottingham doing plastics recycling?
I emailed the council about it a while back, and they couldn't tell me anywhere - not even at a tip or anything like that. I can't believe there's no plastics recycling available in Nottingham(shire) - there's got to be some somewhere?"

Replies received:
  • "Plastics can be recycled at Rushcliffe recycling, near West Bridgford Asda".
  • "Some parts of Nottingham City have kerbside plastics recycling, if you fancy a nocturnal tour to find a part-filled, hungry brown bin. Once in a while I cycle through/to Mapperley Top; I tend to take my plastic to the public Car Park behind Mapperley Top Coop, where you will find various recycling bins, provided by Gedling Borough Council.
    Apparently, the Sainsbury's on Castle Blvd used to have recycling bins for plastic; I cannot say whether this is still the case..."
Any other tips from Nottm based supporters?

If you cannot recycle in your area the Tetra Pak company run the tetrapakrecycling.co.uk/ website to promote carton recycling for local authorities & the Community Recycling Network sector.

The main recycling plant in Scotland has now closed, but there is a new depot at:

Recycling - Tetra Pak
c/o Perrys Recycling
Showground Road

The status of the network of collection points and regional hubs is uncertain - details currently be recompiled for the website at tetrapakrecycling.co.uk/

Larger quantities can be taken to a collection hub in Northampton

From: jenny.francis@lfcma.org.uk
Tue, 24 Aug 2004
Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers Association

"We have an operating collection hub in Northampton who are currently accepting reasonable quantities of bulked up cartons from Community Recycling operations in Luton and Brighton".

Alibone Recycling
Sandy Hill Lane, Overstone Road, Malton, Northants, NN3 7JB

(Just off M1 nr Northampton or A43 from Kettering. Moulton Village is on the northern outskirts of N'ton).

"This is a very busy waste paper merchant so discrete deliveries would be welcomed!"

Paul (01604 644963) is happy for us to drop them off during office hours: Mon-Fri: 8am - 4pm. and Sat: 7-10am.


(Other regional hubs are in York, Wigan, Yeovil and another is proposed for Doncaster).

Details also available from the National Recycling Officer at Tetra Pak (UK) Ltd on 0870 442 6000 or email: recyclingofficer.uk@tetrapak.com

See full UK interactive UK carton collection map at http://www.tetrapakrecycling.co.uk/04.htm

Instruction for packing cartons for recycling:
  • All beverage cartons containing milk, juice, soups, custards, sauces etc can be included
  • Cartons must be rinsed out after use and drained

  • Cartons must be flattened by pulling out the ears

  • Plastic opening devices can be cut off to flat pack the cartons

  • Pack the flattened cartons into any cardboard box

  • Paper cups can be included but not other paper apart from the box

  • Avoid other packaging such as plastic or jiffy bags

  • Parcel tape or string to seal the box is acceptable

  • The boxes should identify the contents so that the paper mill can ensure that the collected cartons go into the right pulper without opening the boxes (maybe leave one carton outside the box when tying or taping it up).

This info is for people able to make their own arrangements for getting their tetra paks to the collection points detailed above.

Do-It-Yourself Milk Making

This received from a supporter:

"Really though, society (and thus "we all") probably needs to find ways to stop using Tetrapaks.
I've been making a half-assed effort, and it's not exactly easy.

However, one way is to make your own oat milk. I don't know why it took me so
long to look this up, but far from needing expensive mechanical equipment,
it's actually so ridiculously easy I was kicking myself as soon as I found


Approximately half fill a jug with oats, then fill to the top with water and
leave overnight. Sieve the liquid into another container in the morning and
you've got pretty decent oat milk, as well as left over oats which make great
porridge. Add a touch of salt to taste, if you like. What could be simpler
than that!? Total time spent on it far less than going to the shop! :-)

It needs lots of shaking every use. It's fine on cereal, I haven't tested
cooking with it yet, and unfortunately it's not great in tea, though I've
found increasing the ratio of oats to water helps a bit. Deep down, I think
we might just need to get over having any sort of "milk" in tea and just
drink it black - hey, they do it on the continent!

Soya milk is probably here to stay for some time, but I reckon home made oat
milk from home grown oats (and why not!?) has got to be the way of the
future, at least in the UK. Then we won't need bloody Tetrapak recycling!"

Veggies can supply organic UK-grown oat flakes, milled and supplied wholesale by Mornflake of Crewe.

DiY Tetra Pak Craft Recycling

See also: Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill (NAIL).

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