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For over 20 years we have been using our 'vast and extensive internet capability' to give a web presence to groups without the resources to run their own websites. Many can by found through Veggies Directory.

Various other miscellaneous pages are indexed here.

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Alphabetical list of miscellaneous pages hosted by Veggies . (recently added pages)
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875 Site Map - Veggies/Sumac Website.
1439Age of Stupid.
966Animal Rights Wronged.
1238AT Co-operative aka Activist Tat.
920Award Winning Caterer!.
1600Burgers Not Bombs.
1157Carbon Emissions for Veggies Events.
854Catering for Buffets and Events.
912Catering for Camps and Gatherings.
521Climate Change Campaigns.
869Community Compost Project for Nottingham.
645Community Print Resources.
222Concerned about Genetically Mutated Food?.
213Critical Mass Bike Ride.
796Cruelty-Free Eco-Cleaning Supplies.
765Cyril Corden Charitable Trust.
150Diaries and Publications.
1501Disaster appeal for the Gazan people.
1394Distribution network.
74Documentation for MySQL Database.
1050Dogs On Trams.
955Don't Send A Cow - Plant a Tree!.
1858East Midlands Vegan Festival.
300Editing Sumac/Veggies Diary or Info Pages.
855Faith in Nature Hand Wash.
927Faslane 365
Nottingham Blockade
1130GM Oil in Nottingham Restaurants.
589Hard To Swallow - Tackling Climate Change.
708Ian Juniper 1954 - 2006.
1521Indymedia Articles.
871Jill's Film.
917Livestock a major threat to environment.
949Mailing Lists.
761Makaphuthu Children's Village.
1811National Animal Rights Spring Gathering.
1107Neil Lea 1958 - 2007.
590No M1 Widening!.
1061No Whey Campaign.
1430Nottingham Animal Rights *.
1300Nottingham Veggie Day.
789Nuclear Power - No Thanks!.
457People's Kitchen.
888Pet food - How do you feed your best friend?.
1216Pop My Cherry.
228R.I.P Nancy Phipps.
1231Radical Routes.
1182Recipes for Gatherings.
1221Recycling at Sumac.
881Rob Preston 1961 - 2006.
1339Rocky's Farewell.
1650Room Hire at Sumac.
709Samosas for Social Change.
893Social Centre Network.
1312Something Fishy.
1109Sumac Book Stall & Library.
250Sumac Committee Meeting.
1468Sumac Fundraising.
1671Sumac Idea Share.
1074Sumac Refurbishment - Kitchen Planning.
1085Sumac Resource Centre Redevelopment.
730Sumac Secondary Rules and Ethical Policies.
1140Sumac Skill Share.
1204Tescopoly - Food & Climate Action.
433Tetra Pak Craft Recycling.
797Tetra Pak Recycling.
907TV Listings.
1400Vegan Free Food Giveaway.
824Veggies - Past, Present & Future.
1304Veggies 25th Anniversary Weekend!.
1279Veggies News.
929Veggies Volunteering.
486Veggiescool Catering(tm)!.
821Wish List - car boot / kitchen supplies.

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