Thank you for buying stuff from Veggies, to support our campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment.

Our shop is run by volunteers and orders are usually processed on one day each week. It may therefore take 10 days for your order to arrive, subject to availability of the goods that you require.

We are now running a Community Food Hub here at Veggies. If there is anything that you are struggling for we might be able to post to you.
We are delivering to self isolated household in our neighbourhood and collating orders for collection at Sneinton Market on Saturdays, or from Sumac Centre on Wednesdays, Sundays & other days by arrangement.
We are mainly campaign caterers, but most events on our diary are cancelled or postponed, so this will keep us occupied in the meantime!

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Peace News – Latest issue + free back issue – £2 post free

If you want to buy something that isn’t in the shop menu, and you have contacted us to discuss availability:

– click button & adjust £’s to show value of your order.

Contact us to confirm your order, or add instructions on the Paypal checkout.

Ethical Stores the worlds first ethical marketplace has launched the worlds first ethical market place. All business that trade ethical products are welcome to sign up for free store – Ethical answer to Etsy.

The criteria for the store is that all products listed must not cause harm to anyone or anything. These products must all be cruelty free. Ethical is all about doing the right thing in the whole process of creating something. For example not using animal products. By doing this each person can make a positive contribution to saving our planet.

Ethical Stores Logo

  • Cruelty free
  • Natural
  • Pure Ingredients
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Nutrition Transparency
  • Fair Trade
  • Ethical Marketing and Advertising
  • Renewable/Recyclable Packaging


You can visit Veggies Shop on Ethical Store.

Featured products:

    • Veggies Nut RoastVeggies new Nut Roast Mix is made 47% organically grown ingredients, all that can be except the nuts, as organic nuts would make it prohibitively expensive. Get your Veggies Nut Roast here!


  • Veggies Scoffer Veggies Scoffer includes… – Anecdotes from over 25 years catering at the frontline- Guest recipes from other campaign caterers- Veggies Tour Dates- Plus your favourite Veggies RecipesGet your Veggies Scoffer here!



No Paypal? The payment system also accepts credit/debit cards, or post your order to Veggies, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX (payment with stamps or secure cash is welcome).

Donations and payments for any of our services or to buy stuff may also be made by direct bank transfer to:

Veggies Catering Campaign
Account No: 70902989; sort code 08-90-74
(The Cooperative Bank)

Contact us with details of bank transfers, so we can do the right thing with your donation!


Thank you logoAs Paypal take 20p+3.4% from every donation it is not ideal for micro-donations (we lose 23.4p from a payment of £1), nor for large ones (we lose £3.60 from £100). Feel free to add a small donation towards PayPal fees:



New postage rates – Oct’14.

We have not yet integrated these new postage costs onto the shop listings. Feel free to add a bit extra as a donation here:

Unless specified otherwise, calculate the cost and weight of your order – add 10% to the weight for packaging. Check the postage cost with the Royal Mail Pricefinder (probably as a small parcel).

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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