Veggies Burger Mixes

Veggies mixes are handmade in vegan premises by a co-operative with over 25yrs experience of vegan campaign catering! We reckon it would be hard to find a more ethical product!

As you would probably expect our mixes contain no palm oil or saturated fats. If fact they have no oil or fats in them at all. See this Fairfoods blog about reducing palm oil in other products.

The ingredients are organically grown, mainly wholewheat crumb, UK oats, soya from France, onion, garlic, yeast extract, seasalt, malt flour or beetroot, locust bean & xanthan gum. Our suppliers advise us that the wheat is “usually from the UK, sometimes from Finland or Sweden”. The oats are supplied from Cheshire & sourced from UK or the EU, and the soya is certified as coming from France. Dark malt is supplied from Essex-based EDME, from grain grown in East Anglia.

The product has a long shelf life, up to 12 months, and can be held in stock at ambient temperatures.

Allergy Advice:
The mixes contain soya and gluten, from wheat breadcrumb, oats and the barley malt. we are working on a gluten free version, without these ingredients (and rye).

Veggies Burger Mix

Sosage Mix

Hemp Burger Mix

350g Mix . . . . . £3.00

900g Mix . . . . . £7.20

1kg Mix . . . . . £8.00

1kg mix makes 2.5kg with 1.5ltr water (2kg with Hemp Mix), for 20-40 burgers.
900g mix + 1350ml water = 2250g = 20 x 112g (4oz) burgers!

You can also use Veggies Burger mix in place of mince in many recipes, including Moussaka and Spaghetti Bolognaise

Gluten Free? – Coming soon – please ask for details.

You can buy mixes by mail order direct from Veggies

Special offer : 900g mix : £10 inc p&p (1kg 2nd class packet).

  • 900g Veggies Burger Mix ……

  • 900g Veggies Sosage Mix …..

  • 900g Veggies Hemp Mix ……..

  • 300g each of Veggies Burger, Sosage and Hemp Mixes ..

Due to the April 2103 price hike by the royal mail we will have to revise this offer soon. Order soon before it changes…

Filling your freezer?

We can supply cellophane disks to separate burgers made in a ‘Bel’ burger maker:

  • 100 cellophane disks – £1.00 inc p&p (33g) ……..
  • 1000 cellophane disks – £7.00 inc p&p (330g)……

No Paypal? The payment system also accepts credit/debit cards, or post your order to Veggies, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX (payment with stamps or secure cash is welcome).

Allow a couple of weeks for delivery if we are out at events away from our Nottingham base.

Or arrange collection at one of the many events on Veggies Diary.

Veggies mixes are also available from retails outlets in South Yorkshire and the Midlands – see our Veggies Freezer Service info.

Did you know?

Veggies Mixes are handmade from organically grown ingredients.

Organic soya TVP mince costs £6.21 per kg wholesale, whilst non-organic tvp, used in many other burger mixes, costs £1.41 for a kg, and may be coloured with caramel.

Please compare like with like if checking prices elsewhere!

Cooking with Veggies

Veggies Scoffer Cover

Our Burger Mixes are suitable for far more than just burgers!

Here are a few suggestions from the Recipes section of our website:

More recipe ideas can also be found in our own Veggies Scoffer recipe book!

Veggies Scoffer Book ……

Veggies Scoffer

To order any other quantity

  • Calculate the cost and weight of your order.

  • Add 10% to the weight for packaging.

  • Check postage cost with the Royal Mail Pricefinder (probably a medium parcel).

  • Second class packet, up to 1kg – £3.50 no longer available

  • Small parcel, up to 1kg – £2.60 – only 8cm thick

  • Medium parcel, up to 1kg (inc packing) – £5.20 (61 x 46 x 46cm)

  • Medium parcel, up to 2kg (inc packing) is £8.00

  • Medium parcel, up to kg (inc packing) is £13.35

  • Anything over 2kg, up to 25kg, is therefore better sent by courier for £10.00

  • We can pack any quantity to best match parcel postage rates.

  • We may adjust quantities of product supplied to accommodate any shortfall on postage contributions.

  • Postage rates as at April’13

Veggies Mix – Custom order …….

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Contact us to confirm your order.

Pay by Paypal (accepts credit/debit cards) or send a cheque or secure cash to Veggies, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX.

Furthest delivery so far:

Mail Order MapAt 612 miles the delivery to Eday, Orkney beats the previous record of 572 miles to Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides – it is great how far people will go for a VeggiesBurger, and sending the d-i-y mix rather than our catering trailer has to be more eco-friendly!

Ronie says:

“With an island population of approximately 130 people we are not an excusively vegan cafe, however we are extremely vegan friendly!

Many of the products I make for the bakery are vegan so we are gradually educating people to how tasty it can be – veggies burgers are going to go along way to helping that cause!

The cafe is in a community owned building, powered by a 6kw turbine and the island is where the first tidal energy comes ashore, so exciting things are happening here!

Once we open, we will send you a picture of the first veggies burger to come from our cafe!”

Details from Ronie: purpleronie+[at]

See also our Ethical Burgers & Sosages page.

And an earlier version of this page.

Gluten Free Burger Mixes

We’re working on gluten free mixes, very much a work in progress.
Here’s some intitial feedback:

“The gluten free hemp mix taste just fine
I think i am still trying to find the right consistency, not always looking very burger shaped but hey it tastes yummy.
thank you all very much for doing the mix
I would def buy it again
Emma xxxx”