Veggies ScofferVeggies Scoffer includes:

Anecdotes from 25 years catering at the frontline

Perhaps you were at J18 or M40 RTS street parties, the G8 in Stirling, Glastonbury or on Hatfield Peat Moor? You may even have stood with us in the snow at Molesworth US Airforce Base in the winter of 1985!

What was your favourite Veggies Event?

Recipes from Veggies events.

Have you been fed by Veggies at camps or gatherings, festivals or fairs, weddings or birthdays, or any other events?

Veggies Scoffer includes everything from cooking with Veggies Burger Mixes to buffet ideas for Weddings or Punk Gigs!

Veggies Scoffer includes…

  • Ginger Cake and Chocolate Cake from Climate Camps
  • Veggie Stew with Dumplings from Peace News Camp
  • Bhajis by Samosas for Social Change
  • Ratatouille from Radical Routes Gatherings
  • Stovie and Kusherie from Veggieschool Catering
  • Pepe’s Pizza from Peoples Kitchen

Guest recipes from other campaign caterers

  • Soup suggestions from Anarchist Teapot
  • Moussaka by Green Garden Cafe
  • Vegan Mars Bar, inspired by Something Fishy
  • Fairfoods’ Creamy Vegetable Pie
  • Sweet Potato Curry by Vegan Campaigns
  • Chickpea Curry by Shambu’s

Veggies Scoffer is available from the Scoffer Publications section of our store – order yours here.

Vegetarian Guides, quoted on Hotfrog say:

Veggies Catering Campaign have served quality vegan food to the masses since 1984. This booklet brings you a selection fo tried and tested snack, main meal and cake recipes that have proven popular together with guest recipes from other catering collectives. No ethical kitchen should be without a copy! Compiled and edited by vegan chef Ronny, author of the legendary Scoffer series.

Includes Samosas for Social Change, Bhajis for a better Britain, Pakoras for a peaceful planet, sweet potato curry, veggie stew with dumplings, creamy vegetable pie, top pizza, focaccia-style bread, Scottish Stovie, Kusherie Egyptian rice and lentils with tomato, recipe for 700 Veggies Burgers, Burgermix spaghetti meatballs, vegan sausage rolls, garlic bread, soup suggestions by the Anarchist Teapot, chickpea curry by Shambhu’s, vegan raita, deep-fried Vegan Mars Bars, ginger cake, chocolage cake, buffet ideas, pink coleslaw, quinoa tabbouleh, potato salad, Moussaka by Green Garden Cafe, ratatouille.

Veggies Scoffer

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