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Neighbourhood Food Growing Festival

Nottingham’s first Neighbourhood Food Growing Festival

Free admission. Sunday 9th June ’19 1pm-4pm

Nottingham’s community gardens are busy growing plants and seedlings for you.

Come to Nottingham Arboretum and buy to grow on at home, take part in growing activities, visit the plants for free stall, see growing and cooking and other food related demonstrations. Activities for the children, music, guided tours of the Arboretum and much more…

Contacts Lynn Taylor 07960 164448 . Lynn@farmgarden.org.uk
Shona Munro 07585 773664 . nottinghamgoodfoodpartnership@gmail.com

Animal Aid Christmas Fair 2018

Animal Aid’s ever-popular London Christmas Fair is back for another year. A fun day out for all the family, the event is a perfect excuse to indulge in a bit of vegan food while doing some shopping for the festive season!

There will be more than 100 stalls with a wonderful variety of animal-free and Eco-conscious clothing, shoes and belts, handmade or hemp fashion items. Indulge in the diverse selection of skincare products – perfect presents. And so much more on offer, from aromatherapy to wildlife art. There will be three vegan caterers, plus a huge selection of vegan cakes, beers, cheeses, confectionery and delicious savoury pies on offer.

There is also a crèche and children’s workshop. Admission is only £3 and children under 11 are admitted free.

Keep an eye on the Animal Aid website and Facebook page for the full programme.

There is now a dedicated Twitter account for Animal Aid’s Christmas Fairs and other events. Please follow  @AnimalAidFayre.

If you are interested in booking a stall, please email Iain.

Veggies Food is Here

Veggies Catering Campaign will be catering at the Fair. Veggies are a volunteer-led, community-based, social enterprise, promoting vegan catering and supporting campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment.

Volunteer with Veggies after 10am to help with serving teas, cakes or pasties. Even one hour’s volunteering would enable one of the core crew to have a break to look around the fair. If you would like to help, contact us or find Veggies on facebook

For directions click here and replace Veggies starting postcode with yours!

Veggies Climate Change Campaigns

Go Vegan
To get to this event Veggies will emit approx 160kg CO2 (total distance: 131 miles each way – route).

However by helping an estimated 500 people Eat Vegan we will “offset” 1000 kg CO2

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life, they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. [references]

Compassionate Derby

Now in its eigth great year, Compassionate Derby is an ethical living event that is free to attend and where everyone is welcome!

There will be a range of cruelty-free food and lifestyle products, lots of free samples, charity and campaigning stalls, children’s activities, a diverse program of talks throughout the day, a generous raffle and much more. So head to St Peter’s Church, Derby for a bit of Christmas shopping and find out more about living a compassionate lifestyle.

Beyond ‘doing the least harm’ compassion means ‘doing the most good‘. Going vegan is a good start; by helping other go vegan you can make the world a better place for humans, other animals and the environment. Compassionate Derby is an excellent opportunity to join Veggies – the volunteer-led Vegan Catering Campaign.

All Welcome!

Facebook Community page: www.facebook.com/CompassionateDerby
High resolution poster link: 

Veggies Food is HereCatering by Veggies.

icon icon


To get to this event, 16 miles from our Sumac Centre base, Veggies may emit approx 20kg CO2.

However by helping 250 people Eat Vegan we could “offset” 500 kg CO2.

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. [carbon calculation references]

Nottingham Green Festival 2018

Nottingham Green Festival is organised by grass routes community based volunteers, with no statutory funding. The ethical standards and environmental / human / animal rights ethos of the event are long established, having evolved from the pre-history of the Nottingham Peace Festival from which it has grown.

Nottingham’s own Green Festival provides the place for the whole family to learn, explore and try the latest in everything environmentally friendly and ethical, whilst also having lots of fun in the beautiful setting of the Arboretum Park.

Veggies has catered and campaigned at the Green Festival, and the Peace Festival before it, for our entire 33 year history. We were pleased now to be joined by 10 other vegan caterers and other artisan food producers, supporting the events’ new vegan ethos and building on a thirty+ year meat-free policy.

The Green Festival continues to break all records in terms of visitors & stalls.

This will be the 26th Nottingham Green Festival and with your support it will be even bigger & better in 2018.

You are therefore encouraged to support the regular fundraising events and join in with the planning group meetings.

Find full details at www.nottmgreenfest.org.uk/, find us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Leicester Vegan Market Sept

Leicester Vegan Community hosts another popular vegan market in the heart of the City Centre.

Come along to this FREE event where you can browse for vegan food, gifts, crafts, clothes, cosmetics and more!

As per all our events, this is run ENTIRELY by unpaid volunteers who want to spread the vegan message. Please help share and support this grassroots community event and get involved on the day or beforehand to help make it happen!

Big Vegan Breakfast Feast , Brighton

Big Vegan Breakfast Feast – Fundraiser For A Local Foodbank by Cowley Club.

Cowley club is a not for profit social centre. It’s a hub for various community and grassroots organisations and campaigns. It houses a bookshop, library, vegan cafe and members bar.


Alternative Eid Al-Adha Preparation

“The time has come for all true Muslims, be they Sunni or Shi’a, Sufi or otherwise, to stand up for the universal standards of justice and compassion that the Prophet (sal) not only spoke of (both through Hadith and, more importantly, as the receiver of the Qur’anic revelation), but actually put into practice.”

If you would like to take part in preparations for an Alternative Eid Al-Adha in Nottingham you could think about:

as a vegan/vegetarian alternative option for an Udhiya / Qurbani / Sacrifice in readiness for distributing in Nottingham.

The 9kg suggested is a rough estimate of an alternative to the boneless meat from eg: a goat.

The Nottingham Green Festival is happening at the Arboretum soon after, on September 16th, where the wonderful Veggies Catering Campaign will be cooking up a storm!  You can try out the famous wholesome meat-free Veggies Burgers, made from the very mixes  above to see what they taste like cooked up 🙂

This is just a humble suggestion for people to think about, a coming together that shall find its time

Vegan Eid Recipes!

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Eid! To help you make this Eid extra special – and animal-friendly – we’re sharing these yummy vegan recipes with you!

All you need to keep the festivities and kindness alive is to replace meat with mock meat or veggies. Try out these vegan recipes, and share them with all your friends.

See recipes at PETA India

The Sacrifice of “Eid al-Adha”
by Shahid ‘Ali Muttaqi

“We can talk all we want about Sunnah (tradition and the way of the Prophet [sal]), but if we do so, then let us take the whole picture into account. The Prophet (sal) ate primarily dates and barley, only occasionally eating meat (which would have been necessary at that time and place for proper health, as it was a vary harsh climate that demanded a rigorous lifestyle which was very taxing on the human body). Such circumstances do not exist today for most of the developed world, and the fact is, meat-eating with our current sedentary lifestyle is responsible for the increase in cancer and heart attacks throughout the world.

“Meat-eating (and in relation to it, animal sacrifice) is not intrinsic to who the Prophet (sal) was or to what he preached. And most of the current research shows that humans are healthier on a vegetarian/vegan diet (ultimately proving we do not need to eat meat, and therefore, no longer have any justification for animal sacrifice in a modern setting). Certainly the Prophet (sal), who instructed us to go even to China in search of “Ilm, or ‘Divine Knowledge'” understood the importance of advancing our understanding of the world in which we live and living in harmony with our surroundings.

“The time has come for all true Muslims, be they Sunni or Shi’a, Sufi or otherwise, to stand up for the universal standards of justice and compassion that the Prophet (sal) not only spoke of (both through Hadith and, more importantly, as the receiver of the Qur’anic revelation), but actually put into practice. For those who need to take a life in order to survive, then let them do so humbly and with respect for the life they are forced to take, showing as much mercy and compassion as humanely possible in an otherwise regrettable situation. However, for those of us who no longer need to kill in order to survive, then let us cease to do so merely for the satisfaction of ravenous cravings which are produced by nothing more than our Nafs (or lower self). That would truly be the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal).


See also Hajj 2014 – Considering Alternatives to the Animal Sacrifice (Qurbani) of Eid-ul-Adha


Plant-based cookery classes for children

Over the summer holidays, is hosting hands-on children’s cookery classes for one week only. Limited spaces! We’ve got the thumbs up from our previous child students!

Summer holiday cookery classes:
A Culinary Trip Around the World!
– now in our fifth summer!
– book your child’s place now (form at bottom of page)

* only 7 spaces remaining *

Suitable for children from 8 to 13 years of age

Date & time:
Monday 6th August until Friday 10th August
Time: 10am to 12:30pm

Queensbury Methodist Church,
142 Beverley Drive, Queensbury, Edgware, Middx. HA8 5ND.
(Nearest tube: Queensbury, Jubilee line)

Class size:
10 children maximum.

Course description:
Now in our fifth year of running this unique and special series of hands-on cookery classes, Shambhu’s Chef, Nishma Shah, will expertly guide and inspire the young students, as they produce many delicious healthy meals, applying culinary styles from around the world, using only wholesome plant-based ingredients, together with various natural flavour-enhancing and healing spices and condiments.


Go Veggie Fair

The Go Veggie Fair will be held on Sunday 20th May, at The Guildhall in Leicester.

This Vegan Outreach event is for non-vegans, with food sampling, catering, campaign stalls, film screenings etc.

Vegans – please step forward to help promote this to your non-vegan friends and offer your help on the day, at the Guildhall and with vegan food-giveaway out on the streets. You have made it the compassionate choice, now it’s your chance to help bring on the next million vegans!

Sumac Vegan Mini Market

Sneinton Vegan Market is cancelled on Saturday 17th March due to predicted weather.

As is off this week, join & others @ for mini-vegan-market @ 6pm All stall holders welcome to join us from 6pm, with People’s Kitchen vegan community meal @ 7

Nottingham’s Sneinton Market is a community based local social enterprise. A resource for all the communities in Sneinton, St.Ann’s and the Creative Quarter.

Sneinton Vegan Market is now the established event to regularly celebrate and showcase great tasting vegan food and drink, crafts, animal rescues & other products/services.It is wonderful to see so many committed people in what is a growing movement.

Come join us on the first & third Saturday of each month for loads of vegan loveliness.

Sneinton Market say:

“We are looking for VEGAN food traders and all kinds of cruelty free cosmetics, clothing, awareness raising, workshops. Product list must be approved by the market team to ensure the brief is met.”

If you are interested in supporting this market please contact bookings@sneintonmarket.co.uk

Traders at the Sneinton Vegan Market have included:

(For details of the approximately thirty traders on any particular Saturday check out the latest Facebook event).

  1. A Whole Life Image result for vegan A Vegan shop catering for all your daily needs. (Mansfield)
  2. Amala Living Food Image result for vegan Raw & cooked vegan foods for markets, events, private catering. facebook icon 24pxl
  3. Bake Off and Pie – purveyors of fine breads & pastries for the good people of Nottingham facebook icon 24pxl
  4. Beccy’s Global Kitchen : Vegetarian and vegan pop-up cafe : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  5. Besos Food & Drinks
  6. Black Star Printshop Image result for vegan Custom printed vegan ethical T-shirts, Tote Bags and patches twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  7. BlendCoffee Lounge at Avenue C, Sneinton Market
  8. Blue Barrel Cider – a traditional cider from Sherwood & Summerwood Community Garden
  9. Brinsley Animal Rescue Image result for veganAnimal Rescue run on vegan principles
  10. Carib Vegan Cooking Image result for vegan
  11. Chilli Bobs
  12. Clemie’s Vegan Cakes Image result for veganPop-up vegan bakery – watch out Notts!  twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  13. Cococheesecakes Image result for veganCoconut powered cheesecakes
  14. The Coffee Cube Company
  15. Cramcakes
  16. Crocus Cafe – vegan and vegetarian community cafe at 18 Lenton Boulevard, NG7 2ES
  17. The Crop Club – supporting people to grow their own food at home in small spaces facebook icon 24pxl
  18. Curry On Cooking
  19. Dash Vegan Image result for veganGluten-free vegan  food delivery service twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  20. Deirdre Westwood Tropic Skin Care Ambassador
  21. Dr Ice
  22. Elia Foods
  23. Flavors of Africa – Authentic Nigerian Cuisine from Wellingborough (vegetarian, vegan & chicken/turkey)
  24. For Precious Life
  25. Free Spirit Luxury Handcrafted Chocolate Creations & Baked Treats
  26. Freshly Spiced
  27. The Gedling Herbalist (Anke Wellhausen BSc (Hons) MNIMH)
  28. Green Revolution Image result for vegan vegan catering
  29. Greens Vegan Catering Image result for vegan
  30. Good Mood Food Image result for vegan catering by Rezi Zimsek
  31. Hannah Edge – Nourish Yoga Glow
  32. For Precious LifeImage result for veganGourmet natural food for vibrant life. Vegan, raw, gluten free.
  33. Inspired by Vegetables vegetarian & vegan food cooked with love from locally-grown or produced products
  34. Iqbal’s Samosas and Pakoras
  35. The Jam Lady
  36. Juiceee
  37. Katy Parish Vegan Crafts
  38. Keeton’s Caribbean
  39. Lakeside Ethical Treats Image result for vegan
  40. Lavare
  41. Lettices Image result for veganIsle of Wight based vegan cheese, meat & dip makers!facebook icon 24pxl
  42. Lindsey Whotton Arbonne Consultant
  43. Lush Nottingham
  44. Magpie BreweryHand crafted real ales, craft keg ales and ciders facebook icon 24pxl
  45. Mex It Up Image result for vegan
  46. Mission Pizza
  47. Monica’s Caribbean Kitchen
  48. Moocylu’s DesignsImage result for veganVegan related pins, stickers, and more facebook icon 24pxl
  49. No Baloney UK Image result for vegan
  50. Nottingham Animal RightsImage result for vegan
  51. The Nottingham Soapbox All of our soaps are handmade in a Nottingham kitchen! twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  52. Notts Nibblers Rodent Rescue Image result for vegan
  53. Numinums Image result for vegan
  54. Nutri2Go UK
  55. Pia’s Homestyle Curry and Indian Snacks
  56. Primary Gardens : twitter icon 24pxl
  57. Punk 4 The Homeless
  58. RawBite UK
  59. Raw/Vegan/Unrefined Chocolates by Luisa Image result for veganGuilt free chocolates!
  60. Roots KitchenImage result for vegan
  61. Sauce Shop
  62. Screaming Carrot Bakery Image result for veganVegan bakery  & wholefood shop in Forest Fields, Nottingham
  63. Skin Elixir
  64. Solace Creations
  65. Soul Song Therapies & Healing Centre – raw and hot chocolate elixirs
  66. Stewarts of Trent Bridge – Nottingham Coffee Roasters at Sneinton Market facebook icon 24pxl twitter icon 24pxl
  67. Stripey Beetroot – hot & cold catering for all occasions by a small Nottingham-based business facebook icon 24pxl
  68. SUNU KËR Image result for vegannatural vegan hair & beauty products & handmade accessories inspired by West Africa facebook icon 24pxl
  69. Superchocs Image result for veganvegan novelty chocolates
  70. Tornado Potato
  71. Totally VeganImage result for veganVegan cafe & caterer from Coventry
  72. Tropic Skincare with Joanne – Nottingham
  73. Tropic Vegan Skin CareDeirdre Westwood, cosmetics and body care facebook icon 24pxl
  74. Truffle Pig
  75. Twisted Teas
  76. Unless – Hardcore Vegan Catering Image result for veganbased in Derby : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  77. The V Spot Vegan ShopImage result for vegan(was Bluebird Wholefoods)
  78. Vegan Cakery Image result for vegan award winning cakes from Leicester 
  79. Vegan GrindhouseImage result for veganVegan gourmet street food and snacks : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  80. Vegan JunkImage result for vegan
  81. Vegan Pizza CoImage result for vegan
  82. Veggies Catering CampaignImage result for veganVegan Campaign Catering since 1984 : twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  83. Verna Poppy DesignsImage result for veganVegan artist
  84. v:gdImage result for veganVegan Gluten Free Desserts : twitter icon 24pxl
  85. Vikki Welch, Independent Consultant, Arbonne International
  86. Vie for VeganImage result for vegan
  87. Vork Pie – Handmade Vegan and Vegetarian pies and snacks twitter icon 24pxl facebook icon 24pxl
  88. Willow and Dove – Handmade Sweet Treats – naturally free from dairy, gluten & egg facebook icon 24pxl
  89. Zymo Foods – Fermented foods produced in Nottingham
  90. Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Clare Heyting, North Nottinghamshire
  91. Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Elanor Shaw, Leicestershire


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