Sadly we have hit a hitch with the potential 7th East Midlands Vegan Festival (EMVF).

East Midlands Vegan FestivalDue to its success in bringing in some 2000 people each year, the Council will no longer allow the use of the Council House, due to the ‘wear and tear’ that the event is causing to the building.

We have been searching for other options, but are stuggling to find another venue immediately where the public pass by. We have always targetted the EMVF at the non-vegan general public by holding the event right where they are, rather than at a less prominent venue that would likely attract only those already committed to dietary change.

It may be possible to take it out onto Nottingham’s central Old Market Square (in front of the Council House), but this would take the budget over £2000 rather than the previously affordable £1000 – the event is self-funded, with the support of the Vegan Society and many small independent vegan traders, and organised by volunteers from Nottingham’s vegan community.

Taking the event outside would also necessitate a move from its prime pre-christmas Saturday date, and none of our shortlisted dates have found favour with the Council.

Other options include taking the event on the road, for example to Derby, Leicester or Lincoln, or taking it out of the city centre, for example to the Arboretum, the successful venue for Nottingham’s Green Festival.

So it is unlikely that there will be an EMVF in 2010.

However, never to be deterred, campaigning continues with the vegan outreach offered by the EMVF being replaced by monthly Vegan Free Food Give-Aways at various city centre locations, including on the doorstep of the Council House! Each of these events gives the opportunity to engage directly with a hundred members of the public, reaching a thousand during the year.

The EMVF team also hosted the world’s first Vegan Beer Festival at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham’s vegan social centre.

Call on the City of Nottingham to support a weekly VeggieDay (Meat Free Monday):

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