It is nearly 5 years since the launch of the Notts Indymedia website.

Nottingham Indymedia has very much been the news site for Veggies, the Sumac Centre and related campaigns, replacing Nottm Alternative News and Notts FIN, the news forums previously hosted by Veggies.

Veggies has been pleased to support Notts Indymedia, in particular with the linked events listings and the paypal/plastic donations facility. The new Nottingham Indymedia can be quickly accessed via the featured link on our homepage, via the campaigns section of our website and though Networking Directory.

News from Nottinham Indymedia

There have been a lot of developments on the internet since Notts Indymedia was launched 5 years ago. We wants to stay at the forefront of future innovation, as Indymedia was before the popularity of blogging and social networking. We want to make sure you, the users, get the most out of the site.

Therefore we have launched our new Nottingham Indymedia website:

We think that it’s easier to use and has better features than our old site. The new site runs using the Hyperactive content management system currently used by London, Northern and Denmark IMCs. Many thanks are due to Northern and London for giving us loads of help in getting up and running.

The old site hasn’t disappeared – it will stay archived at – but you won’t be able to publish to it any more.

What’s new?

In many ways the new site works in the same way as the old site did. There is still newswire on the right hand side (which now includes links to other useful media sources) but events are listed in a separate wire on the right of the page. You will now be able to publish events to this calendar yourself without having to wait for a moderator to manually transfer the info.

To publish your news just click the big button on the top right that says ‘Publish’!
This will give 5 different options depending on what you want to publish:

  • select ‘Article’ for a news story
  • select ‘Video’ to upload a video
  • select ‘Event’ to put your event in the diary
  • select ‘Printed Media’ to upload a zine or leaflet as a PDF
  • select ‘Link’ to link to useful or interesting media from other sources.
  • There is also a ‘Tumblewire’ for mobile phone publishing.
    Go to to publish from your phone.

Whilst, as ever, users can post anonymously, there is now the option to create a user profile. If you post with a profile you will be able to go back and edit your posts if you make a mistake, or change the details of events, etc.

Users can also create groups to collect group postings and media on a particular page e.g. for Nottingham Animal Rights or Notts Indymedia.

Site users will have a more direct link with moderation of the site than before. If you see an article or a comment that is problematic you can report it directly to the moderators by clicking ‘Edit or administer this’ at the bottom of the article.

Rather than being sorted into static topics the new site is organised by user generated tags for the location of the event (e.g. Radford or Leicester) and topic (e.g. Animal-liberation or Anti-racism). The most commonly used tags will appear in a cloud underneath the newswire. Click the links to read more articles about a particular area or campaign.

Obviously we’d like to hear what you think about the change and to help with any problems.

Get posting your news and keep in touch with via our entry on Veggies Directory at

Nottingham Independent Media Centre


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