outreachLush have supported Veggies in supporting grassroots campaigns for humans, animals and the environment, by funding outreach at the Glastonbury festival. With their help, Veggies Catering Campaign created an exhibition to provide insight into work of the included groups.

At the 2010 festival the display was positioned next to the Veggies catering stall, allowing for pre/post food perusal. Two volunteers were stationed in the exhibition marquee, engaging with revellers and providing information about the various causes.

A Splash from the Charity Pot

In addition to a display of posters and leaflets from 25 participating groups, visitors were introduced to the Veggies Directory, also funded by the Lush Charity Pot. This project aims to improve networking between individuals and a wide variety of movements supporting social change.

Visitors to the space were very impressed with the diversity and availability of literature on offer. Many flyers and brochures were taken. The Sailboat Project, for example, later thanked Veggies – mentioning a significant increase in web traffic after Glastonbury.

meat free fiverA particular favourite with visitors was “Meat Free Monday”, a project promoted by Animal Aid. After running out of the info/recipe pamphlets, Veggies were able to put visitors in touch with Animal Aid, via the listing on the Veggies Directory.

In order to attract attract attention to the exhibition, we were grateful for the additional help of supportive festival-goers, who enthusiastically took quantities the exhibition program, listing all the groups, for distribution across the Greenfields area of Glastonbury Festival. For example, information was provided at various Speaker’s Forum presentations, and at performances by artists such as Sieze the Day. In this way, this project could have been extended with the involvement of more exhibition crew.

animal aid displayWe were lucky to have made contact with a member of Ecotrip, who gave valuable assistance with the effective layout of the display. With his support, we wish to continue developing dedicated boards for each of the groups. The project would also benefit from a larger banner on the entrance, giving the space a stronger identity.

Inspired by the effectiveness of the project at Glastonbury, Veggies have incorporated the Charity Pot exhibition into their campaign networking space at numerous other events such as Peace News Camp, Earth First Summer Gathering and events such as local community festivals and even a school reunion.

Overall the project was successful. Growing from their years of experience in direct grassroots campaign networking, Veggies look forward to extending and developing the project into the future.

We’ve been busy rolling out the exhibition of groups featured in Veggies Directory to many more events.

Veggies has always had a ‘Free Information Exchange’ alongside the catering stalls at many of the events that we attend. With support from Lush Charity Pot we put together a more organised display which was launched at Glastonbury Green Futures Field..

Other events featuring the exhibition have included:

Northern Green Gathering

The NGG Crew did not hold an event of their own in 2011, but provided workshops and information at several other events. They utilised the information exchange to get a good selection of up-to-date information and leaflets for these events.

Kerry says: “if we could use any information Veggies have available to share, that would be great. I saw Veggies at Glastonbury and thought the info exchange was a great idea, and would really help us out and spread the campaign messages even further. We are going to Moor Music Fest, then a local one-dayer, Solfest and Eden. So, kids and family music, with some teens and hippies, is the audience, i reckon!”


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