It is great to hear that FNB is active in London still/again.

We continue to do FNB-type things at Veggies Catering Campaign in Nottingham, including a monthly Vegan Free Food Give-Away and feeding various camps, gatherings and protests.

There is also a ‘proper’ Nottm FNB now – see

We encourage all Food Not Bombs and other likeminded groups to network with each other – all are urged to put themselves into our directory at

Now read on…

Fellow food reclaimers, freegans, Food Not Bombers!
Our humble FNB group in the SE London suburbs only started recently, so for starters: hello!

Here’s a little video to introduce us :
I wanted to contact you all just to check out how much contact there was between all the groups already.

  • If there is some, fantastic – please count me in, and how do I get involved?
  • If there isn’t, would anyone be interested in our UK Food Not Bombs family becoming closer??

I have a few ideas for possible collaborations:

  • Campaigns: There are so many food waste issues + all sorts of issues like homelessness that I’m sure our groups share common ground on – if we coordinated protests/got a campain together it would be far stronger, and I think we could create quite a stir 🙂 As far as I’m aware none of the big campaign groups like Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, etc. are running any campaigns on food waste – Tristram Stuart and This Is Rubbish are probably the only to do stunts around the issue, and I think it’s too important for noone to stand up for!
  • There are loads of other groups/individuals who deal with similar issues to Food Not Bombs – like This Is Rubbish, Tristram Stuart (author of “Waste”), FoodCycle, FoodShare, Replenish and FareShare. Some of these are charities, some campaigners/activists, but all of them share our aims to varying extents. I’ve met up with/worked with quite a few of these groups and they’re all great, dynamic people – many of whom already want to work with us!
  • We could share info on best strategies for finding/cooking food/generally running Food Not Bombs groups 🙂

First things first:
**Climate Camp in Scotland**
Is anybody from your FoodNotBombs groups going? It would be great for our groups to meet up! We could also maybe set up a talk/workshop to try to get our message out/encourage people to start new groups? I would be well up for that, would anyone want to collaborate? I’ll probs only be up Friday night till Sunday.
What are your thoughts?
Hopefully I’ll meet some of you soon 🙂
Peace and potatoes,
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