Ronny’s new Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking book has arrived!

Cake Scoffer coverTen years on from Ronny’s original Cake Scoffer, this new title has another 25 amazing and yummy recipes in the same inimitable style.

The original has been the mainstay of many people’s kitchen bookshelf and this new one promises to be just as popular.

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Breakfast Scoffer, and more…

Also available, (sorry no bulk discount):

  • Breakfast ScofferThe Breakfast Scoffer – £1.50

    Breakfast need never again be dull for vegans. There’s everything in here from Banana Maple Pancakes and Scrambled Tofu, to smoothies, and Chocolate Fudge Cake (for breakfast?). Just try it!

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    50+copies & comments:
  • The Cake Scoffer – £1.25

    One of Britain’s most experienced vegan caterers and cake engineers. If you enjoy eating vegan cakes, but are never quite sure how to make them, you’ll love this 20 page laminated and illustrated booklet packed with exciting egg and dairy free cake, dessert and sweet recipes. Includes ultimate cheesecake, three types of chocolate cake, lemon explosion cake, DIY sweets, two types of gingerbread, microwave sponge pudding and more.

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    Group bulk enquiries:
  • salad scofferThe Salad Scoffer: Picnic And Party Food Recipes – £1.25

    Ronny explains how to prepare awesome mouth-watering kitchen creations, such as: Nottage Cheese, Geek Salad, Eggless Mushroom & Aubergine Quiche, Guacamole, Carrot & Celeriac Salad, Pasta Salad, Mock Duck Salad, and much more. The essential antidote to packaged foods for vegans, trainee vegans, relatives of vegans, kitchen scientists, students, frustrated bingers and snack addicts, people with allergies, and curious cooks wanting to know how vegans “do it” without eggs and cow extracts. If you don’t fit into one of the above categories, then just buy this book anyway for the novelty value and cute pictures.

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
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  • Special offer: All 4 titles £6.00 inc p&p!

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Scoffer animals

Visit Scoffer Towers
– Home to the Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking series of books

Here’s a sample recipe from the Scoffer Kitchen:

French Apple Pie

  • 1 part margarine (I use Vitalite)
  • 2 parts flour (I use white flour, but half and half white and brown would work.
  • 1.5 cups flour (approx 12 floz)
  • 0.75 cups marg (approx 6 floz)
  • 6 small-medium apples
  • Soft brown demerera sugar
  • cinnamon
  • salt


  • Slice the apples as thinly (discarding cores) as you reasonably can with a knife (don’t bother peeling or showing off with a razor blade or owt) and place in a colander, layer by layer.
  • As you put each layer of apples in, sprinkle the sugar over until it coats the rings of apples evenly. Leave to sit while you make the pastry.
  • Rub the fat into the flour and a pinch of salt with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs. You’ll know you’re rubbing rightly if your palms remain clean (all those incidents with a plastic ruler on the back of my knees in Domestic Science lessons taught me summat).
  • Add cold water, little by little, to the mix and clump together with your hands or with a spoon until you have a ball o’dough. Don’t over-mix.
  • Either roll out or flatten with your palms onto a greased baking tray. Then arrange the apple slices on top about two layers thick. Press down against the dough firmly as you lay them.
  • Dredge the top with cinnamon, sprinkle with a little more sugar if you have a sweet tooth and then bake in a medium cool (gas mark 4-5 / 180C) oven for 30 mins.
  • Allow to cool before eating or it’ll take the roof of yer mouth off. Best served the following day.

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