Greyhound ActionWe are delighted to announce that Lush Cosmetics is launching an in-store campaign “to highlight the cruelty that is going on in greyhound racing”.

The campaign, which will run in more than 90 Lush stores throughout the UK and Ireland from October 11th – 17th, is aimed at helping Greyhound Action in their mission to educate the public about the problems with betting on greyhound racing and going to the tracks.

Lush’s most important date and time for the greyhounds is Wednesday, October 13th at 12 noon, when the media will be invited to stores that are running the campaign. Lush shop assistants will be wearing running numbers and carrying placards saying “Don’t bet on it! Help end greyhound racing!” and customers will be invited to join in and try to win a small prize by participating in a human race. Where possible, Lush would also like rescued greyhounds to be present.

It would be great to get as many rescued greyhounds as possible along to the Nottingham Lush Store on Clumber Street at 12 noon on Wednesday, October 13th in support of Lush’s nationwide greyhound protection campaign

** If you intend taking greyhounds along on October 13th, please tell Greyhound Action as soon as possible, to give Lush some idea of how many dogs will be at each store.

Call 01562 700 043 or e-mail **

If you can’t make it along to a Lush store on the 13th, but can do so on other days during the week (with or without greyhounds), your support will still be appreciated, as each store will have hundreds of leaflets for distribution to customers and passers-by.

Greyhound Action in Nottingham (GAIN) hold fortnightly demos on Fridays from 6.30pm at the Nottingham track. Details can be found on Veggies Diary.