Vegan Recipes from over 25 years on the catering front line

Veggies ScofferAnecdotes from 26th years catering at the frontline

Perhaps you were at J18 or M40 RTS street parties, the G8 in Stirling, Glastonbury or on Hatfield Peat Moor? You may even have stood with us in the snow at Molesworth US Airforce Base in the winter of ’85!

What was your favourite Veggies Event?
Send us your recollections.

Recipies from Veggies events, including gatherings, festivals and fairs
– Have you been fed by Veggies at camps or gatherings, festivals or fairs, weddings or birthdays, or any other events?
– Let us know which is your favourite Veggies Food, and why?

  • Climate Camps
  • Peace News Camp
  • AR Gatherings
  • Radical Routes Gatherings
  • Veggieskool Catering
  • Peoples Kitchen


Be your own Veggies
– How to set up a Veggies group
– Trailers / street stalls / indoor fairs / event catering
– Cooking with Veggies Mixes

Guest recipies from other campaign caterers, including Anarchist Teapot (yes), Green Garden Cafe, Something Fishy, Fair Foods, Vegan Campaigns, Shambu’s, Screaming Carrot

Veggies Tour Dates – featuring events on our annual itinerary

Were You There?

Please send anecdotes, endorsements, pictures and recipe ideas.

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