food not bombsFood Not Bombs is an all-volunteer global movement that shares free vegan meals as a way of supporting local communities and promoting social change.

We have been pleased to have hosted to visits to Nottingham by Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs, in the 1990’s and again in January 2010 during the Peace News Gathering. Both visits have boosed our enthusiasm and commitment for “feeding the hungry without exploiting animals” (the byline of Vegfam).

Nottingham Food Not Bombs occasonally share a free meal in Nottingham .

Food Not Bombs in 2011

1/11/11 – Keith Writes:

I headed down to southern Arizona to finish writing a new book about Food Not Bombs. The below zero temperatures in Taos made it too painful to live in my van. My eye lids were freezing to my eyes when I woke so I headed south to warmer weather. Instead of frozen eye lids I woke to news that Representative Gabrielle Gifford and 17 others had been shot just a couple of miles from where I had spent my first evening in Tucson.

Food Not Bombs has been promoting a message of peace and nonviolence since 1980. Our message is more important then ever and I hope you will consider supporting the work of Food Not Bombs in any way you desire.

Thank you everyone for all that you have already done. Many of you donated money and time last year. Your help is needed more then ever in 2011. Nearly a billion are going hungry, tens of thousands become homeless and with food costs increasing we are seeing a new wave food riots.

The most important thing you can do is join or help start a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community. Also Orlando Food Not Bombs is heading to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia the week of February 14th and one way you can help is to organize a vegan meal outside your local federal building or U.S. Embassy. A number of Food Not Bombs groups have been threatened with arrest if they continue to express the view that America would be more secure if it diverted tax dollars from military spending towards healthcare, education and other domestic needs so that our people don’t find themselves homeless and hungry.

Another way to support Food Not Bombs is by bringing “The Change We Knead Now- Bake Goods Not Bank Bailout Tour” and solar baking demonstration to your community. If you are a college student or teacher consider hosting the presentation at your school. We can also speak at cafes, book stores and other venues.

The tour is a great way to inspire your community to participate. The presentation is also a good way to encourage participation in Food Not Bombs. I just returned from working with Food Not Bombs in Africa and have much more to share about their progress.

Love and Peace
Keith McHenry
co-founder of the Food Not Bombs movement

The Change We Knead Now- Bake Goods Not Bank Bailout Tour and solar baking demonstration

Perhaps you can help with the following appeal?

Dear Food Not Bombs supporters,

I was driving to help cook and share food at the large rally in Washington DC when my engine exploded as I was driving past Oklahoma City. I also live in this van and have it packed with cooking equipment, solar oven, rice, beans, banners, folding table and literature for the Food Not Bombs tour. Getting my home back on the road is very important. My first lecture in at American University on October 6th in Washington D.C.

Calls and emails seeking support an interest in Food Not Bombs are at an all time high. A homeless mother of three just called for help in starting a local Homes Not Jails squat. We also had emails this week about new groups starting in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Saint Petersburg, Florida and Ruston, Louisiana . A volunteer was arrested in early September in Minsk Belarus framed in the fire bombing of the Russian Embassy. Floods, droughts and speculation are driving up the cost of food and forcing millions into hunger. We are also facing the new “Food Safety and Modernization Act” written by the good people at Monsanto which will cause another increase in the cost of organic food. Before the van’s engine exploded I was speaking and tabling at the Raw Spirit Festival. It was fantastic and we had lots of encouragement. Interest in the work of Food Not Bombs is growing.

We raise most of or funds by speaking at colleges. It has been difficult booking presentations at colleges and acquiring honorariums this fall. I just spoke with another student that said they were having a hard time raising even the minimum $500 for the resentation at their college when last year they provided several thousand to their speakers.

We have a number of very cool projects we are requiring funding including the printing of a short run of our new book “Cooking For Peace – Feeding the hungry and building a sustainable future with Food Not Bombs,” a World Food Not Bombs Gathering in Mexico, the completion of a documentary on Food Not Bombs and responding to the huge increase in requests for support for bulk dry goods.

We generally do not ask for financial support but the death of my engine and the inability of colleges to provide the usual honorariums has put us in an economic bind. We know most people have very little money these days but if you are able to contribute more then the usual dollar we suggest please help.

Thanks so much.

Keith McHenry

Veggies and Food Not Bombs

FNB Book coverThe Food Not Bombs Handbook is available from Veggies Bookstall.

Veggies Networking DirectoryContact Food Not Bombs and their Local Contacts in your area, via Veggies Networking Directory.

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