Veggies mix labelVeggies mix labelVeggies mix label

Announcing revised recipes for 2012

We are pleased to announce that our burger, sosage and hemp mixes now contain half the salt.

palm oil or orangutans And, unlike many other convenient vegan staples, they still contain no palm oil, a source of major concern for the environment, and for the people and other animals loosing their forest homes. Visit

In fact Veggies Mixes contain no added fats at all, nor sugar or artificial anything.

Our mixes are handmade in Nottingham, in our dedicated vegan kitchen, with organically grown ingredients, including wholewheat breadcrumb (with wheat “usually from the UK, sometimes from Finland or Sweden”), oats (supplied from Cheshire & sourced from UK or the EU) and soya (from France).

To find out why ours are probably the most ethical mixes available visit our Ethical Burgers & Sosages page.

Veggies mix label

Burger Mix

*96% organically grown

*wholewheat breadcrumbs 50%,
*soya mince 22%,
*oatflakes 20%,
yeast extract,
*malted barley flour,
locust bean & xanthan gum (stabilisers),
*black pepper,

That’s it!

A retail bag, net weight 350g, mixed with 500ml water makes 15 x 56g (2oz) burgers.

Sosage Mix Ingredients

*96% organically grown

*Wholewheat breadcrumbs 50%, *soya mince 23%, *oatflakes 20%, yeast extract, *onion, sea salt, locust bean & xanthan gum (stabilisers), *black pepper, *sage, *beetroot powder.

A retail bag, net weight 350g, mixed with 500ml water makes 15 x 56g (2oz) burgers.

Hemp Burger Mix Ingredients

*96% organically grown

*Wholewheat breadcrumbs 27%, *oatflakes 27%, *hemp flour 22%, *sunflower seeds 13%, *onion, yeast extract, *garlic, seasalt, *parsley, locust bean & xanthan gum (stabiliser), *black pepper

A retail bag, net weight 350g, mixed with 350ml water makes 12 x 56g (2oz) burgers.

Allergy advice

Allergy advice: our products contains gluten (though we hope to launch a gluten-free recipe soon. The Regular burger mix and sosage mix contain soya.

Made in a kitchen which never uses eggs, fish, dairy or any other animal products but which handles nuts, peanuts, mustard, celery & sesame seeds.

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The sales of our mixes supports Veggies campaigns, events & our information resources.

Thank you for supporting minimal packaging since 1984!


Advice picked up whilst catering at the Sneinton Healthy Living event lead to the following calculations:

At 1.1% salt in the dry mix, this equates to 0.44g /100g when reconstituted, which is still a little more that the 0.3g or less required to be defined at ‘low salt’ in the traffic light food labeling scheme.

This gives 0.25g or 0.49g salt in a 2oz or 4oz (56g/112g) Veggies Burger from the 6g daily recommended by health experts quoted by the British Heart Foundation, so we might be looking for ideas to reduce it further.

Whilst we think that Veggies Mixes are still great tasting, as well as being the most ethical and cost effective organic mixes available, feedback suggests that the reduced salt may result in the product tasting ‘spicier’ or ‘more peppery’. You may wish to add your own secret blend of additional flavours when making it up.

Feedback would of course be most welcome.