People's Kitchen PosterYesterday 11 of us gathered to talk about People’s Kitchen and eat together. The talk was really exciting, with loads of ideas, so here are some notes about it…

We reminded ourselves what People’s Kitchen is all about…

Cooking and eating together can be a fundamental way that a social centre can bring people together and organise more stuff, collectively.  People’s Kitchen plays a really important role in this.

Lots of people come to eat, but much less come to help make it happen.  For People’s Kitchen to be really collective, the people who eat and the people who cook can and should be the same people!

Things we want to see happen with People’s Kitchen…

– Make it a place where those who come to eat are collectively responsoble for making a great meal together happen.  This could mean that on weeks where people don’t sign up to help, that Peoples Kitchen doesn’t happen.

– Make it a place to share skills and learn new ones

– Make it a place where you can drop-in and help.

Separate all the different tasks involved so that people can volunteer to:

– Decide the menu and find recipes

– Get the shopping done (or gather ingredients from Veggies food store)

– Chop stuff

– Cook or help someone else cook

– Serve

– Tidy up

– Or,  if they want to, to cook a yummy meal on their own

– Collectivise our knowledge on mass catering,  recipes, etc…

– Link up the cooking with some growing.  Maybe bring in some allotments or the Sumac garden?

* A new rota, with all the different tasks you can do, will be up in the Sumac.

* Announcements about making these other suggestions happen will be on their way soon.

* If you have any further suggestions or comments,  please email the cafe collective!

See more info on the People’s Kitchen listing on the Sumac Diary.

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You are invited to People’s Kitchen Glossop too.

People's Kitchen GlossopRonny, Jonathan and Anna have been involved in People’s Kitchen projects in other areas, so we’re starting one in Glossop.

The idea is that people come together for an affordable, tasty, healthy and ethical communal meal. We’re keeping it vegan and not-too-spicy, to be inclusive, and can cater for allergies and special requests with advance notice. There will always be gluten-free options.

How can you help?

1. Book, so we have an idea of numbers.

2. Spread the word.

3. Donate any surplus vegetables and (vegan) ingredients earlier in the day, or the day before. Unwanted kitchen equipment also gratefully received.

4. Volunteer as a chef or server. Help clean and tidy the place on the night.

Thank you and hopefully see you there!

For info or to book contact or call 0782 861 7933.


Follow news of possible future meals with People’s Kitchen Glossop on the Vegan Outreach Diary, which lists similar events all over the UK.

[October’12 update: Venue is currently Glossop Labour Club, 11-13 Chapel Street and the suggested donation of £3 includes dessert. Details at]