Vegan Housing Co-operative looking for new members

Rose Howey Housing Co-operative

Rose Howey Housing Co-operative is a large house on the edge of a beautiful park near the centre of Liverpool. Its tenants are living together to foster a supportive home which encourages communal living and supports its members to engage with radical social change and ecologically minded living. All communal spaces are vegan and currently with the six adults there are seven children living in the house, including some who are home educated. The vision of the house also includes providing spaces for local community projects (such as The Free University of Liverpool and Migrant Artist Mutual Aid) and for larger national networks.

Single and multi-room units are available for people to join us as tenants or spaces are available for workshops either on a monthly or hourly rate.

Bedrooms from £55 per week.

Workshop spaces (e.g. art studios / office space) from £40 per week or by hourly rate.

As far as possible, new members will be active in creating the vision of Rose Howey, both practically with the necessary restoration and decoration of the house and in creative terms by adding to the energy of the project. However shorter term use of rooms will also be considered.

If you are interested in joining and want to come meet us to see what we’re about or have any questions about our project, get in touch Stacey on, 07858 148538

Vist the Rose Howey Housing Co-operative website.

You can also Contact us via website or by email.