As ever Veggies Catering Campaign has a unique roll in uniting movements for positive social change, catering at actions, camps and gatherings

We will be doing full catering at the Peace News Camp and the Animal Rights Gathering, and providing one of three kitchens at the Reclaim the Power Camp, from the Sunday, straight from the British Ultra Fest.

For the fist time in over 20 years, Veggies is not attending the Earth First Summer Gathering, near Hastings, but the input of like-minded Veggies supporters will be most welcome…




BRITISH ULTRA FEST, Oxford, 11-17 Aug

RECLAIM THE POWER CAMP – West Burton, 17-20 Aug



Peace News Summer Camp 2013: Taking a Lead from the Global South,
25-29 July
Diss, Norfolk

Peace News Summer Camp is an annual five-day, family-friendly event that attempts to embody many of the characteristics of the future society towards which we’re working – inclusive, democratic, participatory, renewably-powered and environmentally sustainable. It’s an opportunity for a broad spectrum of people – activists, community organisers and other people working for and exploring radical social change – to come together and develop our intentions, priorities, knowledge, strategy, skills and networks in support of our different movements, be they anti-racist, environmental, global solidarity, anti-war, feminist, localisation, anti-cuts, counter-militarist, disability, LGBTQI, food sovereignty, radical health and other movements for transformation.

This year’s camp is organised by activists of colour/people with a global majority heritage. We invite you to join us and others from across the broad spectrum of the peace and radical social change movements for five days of workshops, participatory entertainment and network building!

UPDATE: Peace News Summer Camp is proud to be hosting Mohamed Moghazy, a grassroots Egyptian organiser of the 25 January Tahrir Square demonstration, and member of the Committees for the Defence of the Egyptian Revolution. Mohamed will be at the camp all five days.

For more information and bookings visit

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The 2013 UK Animal Rights Summer Gathering will take place from August 2nd-4th in Nottinghamshire

The Animal Rights Summer Gathering aims to reflect on our movement, inspire new ideas and spread information between the the various groups and individuals working to end animal exploitation.

The 2013 event will be held on the first weekend of August at a greenfield site near Derby/Nottingham, 5 mins from Junction 26 of the M1.

Join us for a weekend of workshops, discussions, bands, camping and other activities.

For the latest information go to

Practical Info

The Gathering will be £10 for the entire weekend. If you can’t afford it please come along anyway and pay what you can.

There will be delicious vegan food supplied by Veggies Catering Campaign. Costs for food will be £15 for the entire weekend. This includes breakfast plus two hot meals a day. It is important to get meal tickets on arrival so that Veggies knows how many to cater for. Individual meals tickets will also be available. Veggies will also be running a tuck shop (and vegan cake baking workshops) throughout the weekend.

If you would like to bring your dog to the Gathering please contact us in advance at:

Children are welcome at the Gathering so please feel free to bring them along. There will not be a designated “Kid’s Space” this year though we hope to provide some activities for children if there is enough of a demand.

Safer Spaces Policy
The Gathering will be operating a Safer Spaces Policy during the entire weekend. This means we will not accept any racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise oppressive or discriminatory behaviour from anyone attending the Gathering. We ask people to be mindful of the way they interact with each other.

What to Bring
Here are some suggestions for what to bring to the Gathering:

Sleeping Bag/Roll Matt
Money (there is no cash point on site)
Insect Repellent
Waterproof clothing in case it rains
Sun cream
12v car phone charger/USB phone charger

For the latest information go to

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Wed 7th – Sun 11th August
South East England (nearest station – Bexhill)

a place for people involved in radical green direct action to come together…. to talk….share skills….learn….listen….play….rant…. find out whats going on….scheme….live outdoors….hang out….laugh…. experience nonhierarchical, low impact, family friendly living.


an activist camp that spans 4 days and consists of a programme of workshops throughout each day facilitated by people like you and me who think they have a skill or a level of knowledge in a subject that is valuable to share with others to improve their activism. You can facilitate a workshop by using the contact form. All workshops are optional – go to what you want/think will help you develop.

The camp is run on the principle of consensus decision making

We are ALL crew and participants – the person writing this is a volunteer and pays to get in like you do – you will be expected to help run the camp, with jobs needing to be done announced in a camp-wide morning meeting. This will also make you feel like a core part of this camp…because you are and it literally couldn’t run without you!

Everyone is really friendly, you don’t need to come with friends – you’ll make them, and it’s a chance to link up with like-minded individuals for planning future actions – whatever they may be…

Is this camp for you? Whether you’re just starting out in the world of direct action or you’re an old (glued and paint-stained) hand at it, you’re welcome here. See our Safer Spaces policy or email us if you’ve got any doubts/concerns.

No direct actions are planned by the camp – this is about you getting the skills/knowledge you need to become more effective in whatever direct action you involve yourself in.

COST – we ask that everybody attending the gathering contributes £20 – 30 depending on income (more is welcome if you can afford it) This goes directly towards the costs incurred in putting on the Gathering, which is run entirely by volunteers, none of whom get in “for free”. If you genuinely cannot afford to pay this, talk to one of this year’s organisers, we don’t want to turn anyone away.

FOOD – food tickets will be available from the Gate tent at the cost of £6 per day. This will cover Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, plus tea and coffee through the day. All food is deliciously vegan, and organic / locally grown where possible. Please contact before the start of the Gathering us if you have any food allergies that the kitchen should know about, so that the kitchen crew can arrange the menu accordingly. You are welcome to cater for yourself if you prefer, but care should be taken with cooking equipment, and we ask that you do not use barbeques or open fires because of the fire risk. Children will be catered for separately at the Kids kitchen, where suitable nutritious lunches and dinners will be provided. The Kids food will cost £3 daily. Parents are asked to provide in-between snacks, but cold drinks will be available throughout the day.

SAFE SPACES – EARTH FIRST! Summer Gathering has a comprehensive safe spaces policy. This means that we do not tolerate any abusive behaviour based on gender, sexual orientation, race,


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Sunday 11th August 2013 to Saturday 17th August

Veggies are delighted to be catering for the British Ultra Fest – a 6 day track race with 48 hour and 24 hour options. There will be about 75 runners taking part in total plus officials and some runners crew.

We will provide good quality pure vegetarian (vegan) food as we feel this is a great opportunity to demonstrate that great performances take place in the athletic arena without any lives having to be sacrificed.

The event is being held at Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 2HR

Can you help?

Join the event, join us, spread the word or sending us useful information.

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RECLAIM THE POWER CAMP – West Burton, 17-20 Aug

Join No Dash for Gas for a 4 day camp and protest at West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire.

Big decisions are being made now about how we’re going to power the UK.

The government’s policy of increasing our reliance on gas is pushing millions into fuel poverty. This – coupled with ruthless cuts to essential services – leaves many with an impossible choice between heating and eating. And the same policy guarantees that we’ll miss even our modest carbon reduction targets. Both the financial and the climate crises are related to the pursuit of profit above all else, in the interests of the few and at the expense of the many.

We need a win. And one win we need is a secure future for generations to come, where profits don’t trump the public interest and where we have safe, clean energy to meet our needs.

Be part of creating something BIG this summer, get involved now and Reclaim The Power.

We can fight back, as the student, trade union, women’s, disabled rights and anti-cuts movements have shown us. There has never been a more critical time to take action. The solutions are there to be grasped.

21 people went up two chimneys but 64,000 came down

Last October, 21 environmental activists shut down EDF’s West Burton power station for a week in protest at the government’s Dash for Gas. West Burton is the first of up to 40 new gas fired power stations being planned. With your help, including a solidarity petition signed by 64,000 people – they fought off EDF’s attempt to sue them for £5 million.

This summer, inspired by their action, we are building a wide coalition of groups and individuals who will be coming together to Reclaim the Power.

We’ll plan together. We’ll put forward solutions. We’ll cross the border from anger to action. It was people power that stopped new coal and stalled plans for a third runway at Heathrow, that made bankers’ greed and tax avoidance toxic and that is now fighting austerity attacks on workers, women, pensioners and the disabled. Together, we will stop the dash for gas.

Want to be part of creating Reclaim The Power?

Wondering where we’ll be, how you can get there or what you need to bring?

More info to come soon, keep up to date at:

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