Veggies 2016 Summer Tour T-shirts have arrived from Sunrise Screenprint

tshirt print ready 2016 Tour dates

friends not food t-shirtBuy your own Veggies T-Shirt and get 10% discount on all purchases at all events on our tour at which you are wearing the shirt! See details here.

Here are some we made earlier…

t-shirt lineup pn 2016

Veggies T.Shirt 2014 Veggies 2014 Tour Dates

Thanks Anna for the designs from which we worked. T.Shirt PDF . Tour Dates PDF

2013 Badger Tour

2013 shirtBadger tour dates

Veggies Summer ‘Tor’

Summer Tor

2009 Tour Dates

2009 Tour

25th Anniversary Tour

25th Anniversary

(See dates here)

15th Anniversary T.Tshirt

For an exclusive opportunity to be the first to wear the shirt, Join Our Crew! or find us at Glastonbury Festival.