Keep old fivers in circulation and support the vegan community

You will have heard that the new five pound notes contain tallow, a rendered form of beef or mutton fat.

This is unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the U.K.   A petition at calling on the Bank of England to remove tallow from bank notes had received over 134k signatures (at 7th Feb’17)

The Bank of England is treating the concerns with “utmost seriousness” and state that they are looking for “potential solutions”.

However, in all other areas where animal products appear in unexpected places we can make a choice to choose alternatives, but the withdrawal of the old fivers by 5th May 2017 will leave the vegan community & others with no option in handling ‘meaty’ fivers.

The solution is to draw as many old fivers out of general circulation ourselves and retain them to spend amongst our own community, at vegan cafes, shops, festivals, fairs & markets. 

[Vegan Fiver labels here]

How you can help:

  • Keep your old fivers and only spend them at vegan (or veggie) businesses – ask them to do the same.
  • Ask for old fivers when getting change from other businesses.
  • Ask friendly local shops, your post office, cafe, pub, transport provider etc to ‘sell’ you as many old fivers as they can save.
  • Sticker your fivers (see below) to encourage this initiative.
  • Spend your ‘vegan fivers’ in a different veggie / vegan place each time to encourage them to support the campaign.
  • Post pictures of your ‘vegan fivers’ being spent. Hashtag #veganfivers. Linkback here.
  • To add your ideas to support this campaign contact us by email, on twitter, or facebook.

We will list here any places enthusiastically accepting ‘vegan fivers’, including:

To be added to this list contact us.

We also hear that the Rainbow Cafe in Cambridge refuses to take the new £5 note.

After 5th May they  won’t be Bank of England fivers, they’ll be ours, worth £5 to each other, so let’s keep using them, at least until such time as we are given an ethical alternative.

However, even after  5th May,  Bank of England notes retain their face value for all time, so can always be cashed in at most banks, and Veggies Catering Campaign will always accept them in any quantity at the many vegan festivals, markets & fair, and other events on our diary, all over the UK.

Where have you spent your Vegan £ivers?

Tell us on Twitter or Facebook.


We have designed (removable) stickers that can be used to encourage the people to keep the ‘meat-free’ fivers in informal circulation. You could try to print from the downloads versions (see below), if the formatting doesn’t work, do-it-yourself with similar text to this:

Vegan £iver

Spend this £5 at a vegan market, store, cafe, festival or fair.

When given or received as change consider it to be a vegan voucher

For all life on earth – the future is vegan

We are putting a sticker with  the above text on the back so as to :

  • not cover the serial number on  the front
  • not cover the watermark
  • not cover the Queen (no need to cause unnecessary offense or face treason  charges!)

To draw attention to the details on the back we have these small stickers on the front:

Vegan £iver

P.T.O for details


Artwork for stickers for back of fivers : .odt (word format) / pdf
For 21 per sheet 63.5 x 38mm Avery Labels (or equivalent).

Artwork for stickers for front of fivers (2 per fiver) : .odt (word format) / pdf

For 65 per sheet 38.1 x 21.2mm Avery Labels (or equivalent).

If these sticker formats don’t work for you, you could print onto plain paper & use Pritt Stick, or other vegan-friendly gum.

… Or we can send you labels for the cost of printing & posting them:

    • Postage (once) 73p p&p

Annoyingly once you have selected ‘postage’ (above) you will be jumped to the top of the page. Sorry about that. Please then scroll back here to order the labels (below).

  • Labels for 21 Vegan Fivers x 25p (adjust order for number of sheets required)