Veggies are always chuffed to be nominated for awards by VegfestUK.

Having won the Best Vegan Caterer award many times, here & elsewhere, we now happy to step back and congratulate another excellent vegan caterer, Mex It Up, on taking the limelight.

Of all the 300+ groups now mapped on our Directory of Vegan Caterers, Mex It Up are right up there at the top of the list for campaigning vegan caterers ‘For The Animals’. We are happy to work alongside them at many events, including Nottingham Green Festival and Sneinton Vegan Market.

Well done Mex It Up and all the other Vegan caterers feeding the hungry without exploiting animals.

All the nominations for Best Vegan Caterer:

Happy Maki
Damage Limitation
Pomodoro E Basilico
Mex It Up
Greek Vegan Deli
Lazy Boy Kitchen
Brownins Food
Rupert’s Street
Shambhu’s – Vegan Caterers
Veggies Catering Campaign

Find them all linked from our Facebook post.

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