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Our first delivery of Refarm’d organic oat milk, produced less than 30 miles away at Bradley Nook Farm, will provisionally be on Thurs 8th Oct or Fri 9th Oct.

We are honored to work with Katja and Jay Wilde’s Bradley Nook Farm in Ashbourne, the UK’s first Refarm’d partner farm.

  • Support local & ethical production

  • Support the transition from livestock to plant based farming

  • Support zero waste, plastic-free returnable glass packaging

  • Support the life-long care of retired cows living at Bradley Nook Farm

You may already be familiar with the story of Jay and Katja’s journey out of animal farming from the documentary 73 Cows.

Jay was born into the family farm with an environmentally minded father who never engaged with intensive farming, artificial fertilizers and herbicides. Troubled by his feelings for the animals he cared for Jay chose to go vegetarian, but carrying on with the farm work was difficult.

Jay’s wife Katja helped with his idea to stop farming and produce renewable energy instead, investing in solar PV to make up in part for the climate damage caused by keeping livestock.

Through Veggies Catering Campaign Jay and Katja became aware of The Vegan Society’s Grow Green campaign aiming to support farmers transitioning from livestock farming to growing vegetables certified by the Vegan-Organic Network.

61 cows from Jay and Katja’s herd were accepted by Hillside Animal Sanctuary in 2017, while Jay and Katja kept 12 cows who, together with their 5 calves, continue to graze their fields, supporting important fauna and flora dependent on their organic manure.

Though Refarm’d, Jay and Katja will soon be producing handmade organic oat milk, producing food that has not caused harm to anybody, making more room for nature and supporting plans to become a sanctuary for the cows that still live with them.

Refarm’d oat drinks for collection from Veggies Catering Campaign via

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