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Here’s some feedback from a a happy customer. Why not add your reviews too, at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Veggiescatering/reviews/

From Tina 3rd October 2021

Hi Veggie folk,
I hope you are all keeping well and safe.  My order arrived safely today.  It would have been yesterday, but I had gone out before postie came.  My mixes and toothbrushes were so neatly packed – thank you!  The mixes will be really useful, especially if we get some foul weather after the predicted warm spell over the next two weeks.  They have good long dates on too.  I’m looking forward to trying your mixes after getting used to using ready-made products.  The thing with being on your own, is that you tend to leave favourite meal makers, like nut roast, because it’s difficult to make something for one person and not have loads left over.  OK, so you can put the leftovers in the freezer, but then you have remember to get it out and use it!!  Making up small amounts is perfect.
I hope you get to do the events you’ve listed for the rest of the year and generally keep going.  You are good humans, doing good work!
Take care and look after yourselves.
Bright Blessings for the approaching Mabon festival and all the yummy harvest it brings!

On 22 October 2019, Mark wrote:

“Yes, all received in good order yesterday, many thanks for the follow-up.

By way of history, I was a regular customer of your little stall outside the Rainbow Centre (?) on the way into Nottingham from the Alfreton Rd direction way back in the 1980s, whilst a feckless student at the Poly; and while fondly recollecting on the burgers some months back and how good they were, I searched online and sure enough was pleased to see the enterprise is still running 30 years on, now with an Internet presence – and of course I had to try some. This time round, the selection of different mixes which I’m looking forward to trying. The burger mix was great but that’s all I’ve ever sampled thus far.

I’ve been integrating your products into a radical makeover of diet + lifestyle, and the results are already highly pleasing. The quality of generic food in any typical supermarket is pretty shocking, once you cast a critical eye over it. I expect I will be a regular customer into the future, explore more of your goods over time and of course spread the word if the opportunity presents.

Good work – keep it up!

Cheers – Mark”

[Veggies mixes are available from http://www.veggies.org.uk/shop/]



On 20 September 2015, David wrote:

“I used to run The Fieldgate Centre in Fishlake near Doncaster, vegan and organic cafe, and you kindly turned up on the evening of my wedding in 2004 to serve your delicious food from your van. I’ve now moved to Scotland, radical, but lovely. Anyway, good luck with all you do Cheers David”

Perhaps one day we’ll get to visit David at Camusblathan, “A traditional holiday house by the sea” at Airor, Knoydart, Scotland


Emails received from Bodger Ball attendees, one veggie and the other (we think) not:

“I had the pleasure of tasting some of the fantastic vegan food offered by your catering unit at this years Bodgers’ Ball at Walesby, Nottinghamshire. I have been a vegetarian for some years but after tasting your fantastic meals at the weekend I intend to become vegan. Vegan is something I have been considering for some time and not just food related, but regarding ethics as well. Please pass on my thanks to all the volunteers who cheerfully served food and I hope the campaign had a profitable weekend and I will certainly be following your events page to see where and when I can sample more of your vegan delights in the future.”

“Just thought I should say thank you ever so very much for your wonderful food and friendliness this weekend at the bodgers ball. I can safely say that I have not had such a good weekend of food in a very long time! It was a great and genuine pleasure to meet your wonderful volunteers and eat far too much of your wonderful food! I hope very much to see you again sometime soon.”



We received a lovely text message from birthday girl Lisa thanking us for “the fantastic food and friendly and helpful service” at her barn dance party on Saturday (11th April 2015). She tells us that lots of people said that our burgers were good. One gentleman told us that he had recently decided to go meat free and it was inspiring to see how good vegan food could be!

Posted by Veggies Catering Campaign on Monday, 13 April 2015


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Lisa Cherry Beaumont
Date: 23 April 2014 13:00
Subject: Re: Veggies catering

Oh you are lovely and I really liked the piece you wrote and printed off, what a great idea! I was told that someone went vegan as a result of coming to Awaken Inn – isn’t that ace!!

Thanks for coming back to let me know you can’t do the event and offering alternatives. I’m sure from the list we’ll find someone very suitable.

I’m pleased to learn you guys are so busy – keep at it, you’re all bloody fabulous!

Much love



On November 25, 2013, Kirby wrote:

You guys are the best, thanks for doing what you do, its wonderful to have such good quality catering happening for events promoting a better lifestyle 🙂



On Thu, August 1, 2013, Calum wrote:

I used to have burgers from your van when I lived in Nottingham many years ago and am thrilled that I can now mail order them!


Review: Veggie Breakfasts at Glastonbury Festival
July 7, 2013 | facon50

I’m also going to give a shout out to the Glastonbury Badger Action Cafe, run by Veggies Catering. I had my first ever BLT from these guys (I know, with facon! I was in hypothetical heaven!) which used Cheatin’ products. They also did a fantastic sosmix sausage roll, which brought myself and the manchap trailing past the Green Fields on more than one occasion :p Oh, and I don’t care what Michael Eavis says, the badger cull is disgusting and pointless. So nyah. Nyah to you Eavis! Thanks for the festival though….


Feedback from Open Air Laboratories Project Heathland Day. 11th May 2013

“Thanks again for fabulous catering, much admired by our delegates and us!” Jackie


Feedback from Escape from the Classroom Environmental Education Conference. 9th February 2013


“Ideas and enthusiastic people. Cake was yummy too! Thanks”

“Food was fantastic.”


On Fri, September 7, 2012 4:37 pm, Gabriel wrote:

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for your efforts at the Loughborough Anarchist Studies Network Conference. The food was excellent, and the care and thought with which the special needs dishes were prepared much appreciated! It was a huge contribution to an inspiring gathering!

all the best,


Animal Rights Summer Gathering Report. 10th to 12th August 2012

The food was excellent as always, Veggies Catering Campaign food just gets better all the time. As well as the catering crew themselves, quite a few of the other activists got stuck in and helped out, getting some good lessons in vegan catering in the bargain. The vegan cake baking workshop was popular and the tuck shop was open all weekend for anyone who wanted vegan snacks, cakes, drinks etc.


On Sun, 19th February, 2012 Tobe wrote:

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to the Veggies team for both your dedication on the day and beforehand in getting people to support the event. Great food made by great people!


On Sun, February 27, 2011 8:50 am, Roy St Pierre wrote:

Dear Patrick

Whilst arranging overnight accommodation with a Peace News Summer Camp participant I typed out the following which I thought you might like to see:

‘I’ve been vegetarian for many years but since late summer have succeeded in becoming vegan so no milk, cheese or eggs please – it was getting used to soya milk in my tea that was the biggest barrier as I hadn’t eaten cheese or eggs much for years and had got used to, even preferred soya milk in cereal so I suppose it was part of a long process. My resolve was probably strengthened by going to Patrick from Veggies workshop at summer camp. Plus the role models of two long term friends who are vegan.’

So thanks Patrick – your workshop worked with at least one person!

All the best


Subject: becoming vegan, thanks to you!

“We met at the Peace News Peace Camp, and I thought you did a good sell for vegan diet.

Two days ago whilst hitch-hiking I watched a juggernaut park up so the driver could have a pee, and I went up to explore why it stank, and to have a closer look at its uncurtained sides and the trays stacked up to the ceiling.

I should have taken some photos and video footage.

Each tray was crammed with chickens, without room for them to sit down – they had white feathers, were matted with filth, and henpecked with many having great red raw areas. They had to be on the way to slaughter but they already looked in total misery.

Apart from revulsion at any idea of eating them I was full of pity for them, and contrasted their life with some free-ranging chickens I’d looked after a year ago.

So for me, no more consuming bought meat and dairy products.


Fri, August 13, 2010


“Greg’s 21st went really well, the food was absolutely delicious and loads of it too!!

“Thank you very much for everything – overall everything went well and the main thing was that Greg loved the fact we had used a Veggie/Vegan catering company. The Cakes were really good and the punch went down a treat!!”

Greg’s 21st Birthday
February 2010


“We were looking at vegan recipes (you know how you do) and came across the page with your Cake Scoffer book on it. We used to regularly have a Veggies’ tempeh kebab on the street in Nottingham until about 13 years ago, lived in Cornwall since then but still miss the Veggies’ food.”

February, 2010


“Veggies were fantastic both logistically and for the great food they served. If we do manage to do something like this again, we’ll call you for sure. Everyone thought the food was great and I appreciated your organisation ‘cos it helped me so much too.”

Veggies catered for the 1st Anarchist Studies Network Conference held at Loughborough University, 4th to 6th September 2008


“Huge thanks for doing the catering for Bob’s Birthday. The food was really yummy & went down well. People enjoyed the party & many left with bags of food, & it softened the blow of being 60 for Bob.”

Bob & Chris
Sat, May 17, 2008



Thanks for the catering at the Maryport Blues Festival. We were really pleased to see your van at the end of the Friday session – up to then we thought there would be nothing for us on site – and we enjoyed your food all weekend. Keep up the good work, hope to see you there next year

Neil and Marilyn
Fri, August 10, 2007


…would like to thank Pat at Veggies and his helpers for food last night and all food over our weekend. It made us braver and was certainly tastier than police cell food where you would not die of starvation but possibility of malnutrition!

Rosemary, by email, re Faslane 365 March 31st/April 1st 2007

We were sad to hear that Rosemary Read of Littleover Derby died unexpectedly but peacefully at home on 18th March 2012. Looking back at correspondence I find that, after the trip to Faslane Trident Nuclear Sub base, Rosemary also said, “I’m the idiot who got arrested! But my words re food still stand! and I don’t regret being arrested!”


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing the food at our wedding.

The brilliant news is we had lots of non veggies at the wedding commenting on the food and taking your leaflets – I am so glad you put the leaflets out.

Again those guests that did have burgers really enjoyed them, I think some people will at the very least be eating more veggie food with several guests asking me about veganism and how to do it. The was not one single negative comment about the food it was all really, really positive – honestly lots of praise directed to Veggies.

Thanks again, especially as you where so busy on that day.

All the best and keep up your great work. I work for the Vegan Society now so no doubt I will see you soon at one of the events.”

Verity and Steven


Veggies Veggieburger

Already a legend, this awesome creation has manifested itself at countless gatherings, events, festivals and protests the length and breadth of the UK. There are thousands upon thousands of hungry vegans who have feasted on these top notch meat free burgers at all hours of the day, all points of the compass. Truly a legend.”

Yaoh 007 Vegan Environmental Awards


I really appreciate you adding my website to (Veggies) Directory. The more people have access to it the better. I know that the Veggies site is a much visited and well respected site so thanks again!

email rcvd Jan 8th, 2007


Dear all

I just read what Cathy had to say about your food when out on demo. I really agree with her. If you are running around on a demo it is a lovely feeling when you regroup to have a veggie burger bought from a familiar face. Keep up the good work. My girlfriend and I are off to the International Gathering in Amsterdam on the 8th of Feb for a few days and I just hope the food out there is as good as yours. We have regularly been to demos at Newchurch over the last year and a half and will be at as many of the future demos as we can.

For the animals
Richard and Rachel (Oxford)


Dear friends

I just wanted to write a brief note to thank you for all the effort you go to, making sure that there is good, vegan food available at demos.

I was at Huntingdon on Saturday and it was a long day. We left the south coast at 8am and didn’t get back there until 8.30pm, including about 7 hours driving. If it had not been for you guys then I would have had nothing more to sustain me than a few oatcakes. And it’s more than just the food – it’s a sense that we are looking after each other, a community thing.

I don’t want to come across too sentimental, but it really does make a difference when you’re at a demo, with all the atrocities of the places themselves, the hostility of the police, the barking of the poor, doomed dogs – it’s all so negative. But then you spot someone chewing on a bhaji and someone else with a carton of soya milk and you follow the trail, and there is good old Veggies, with proper food where you don’t have to read the ingredients list or ask the vendor (who looks at you blankly) whether it’s vegan. Somehow that seems to make the day a little less bleak. So, thank you.

I don’t know how much appreciation you receive – I would guess that people don’t always express the gratitude they feel, but at every demo I go to at least one person will be wandering around asking whether anyone’s seen Veggies. So you are appreciated! On, and the food’s pretty good too!

Love Cathy


Many thanks for your continued help – without you we’d be pretty stuck for contacts in your area!

from the Vegetarian Society
July 2002


Veggies food is excellent and always a welcome sight to see at the likes of the Oxford march, AR Gatherings and other large gatherings. Keep up the good work. – Matt, www.PETA.org.uk

Thank you for all the fantastic services you offer, it is much appreciated!

Caron, Matlock
May 2006


Thanks again for the catering and hire of sumac for my course on thursday, it was the nicest lunch I’ve had for ages, potato salad particularly toothsome.

from Chloe.Griffiths@groundwork.org.uk
Feb 2004


Thank you and all volunteers for providing us with excellent food on Saturday, ([at World Day for Lab Animals Rally] as per usual!!

Garry, Essex Animal Freedom
April 2006


The buffet was great thanks, and all food eaten!! We had a couple of vegans (not including myself) who were anticipating being given a salad leaf as usual so they were especially impressed! I am passing your number on in case of other events.

We are making a healthy eating cook book and are wanting to use the soup recipe as part of that – will that be ok??

Steph @ Nottm City
Oct 2006


Thanks a lot – we had 2 new members because of this website!

From: Southsea Animal Action
Re: Veggies
Animal Rights Calendar