For over 40 years Veggies has supported hundreds of campaigns at thousands of events, but we can only do it with your support).

Following covid  times are hard for everyone. We’re not good at asking for financial help, as it’s supposed to be the other way around, so thank you so much for visiting this page.

We’re managing on a day-to-day basis, thanks to a generous loan from a supporter to set up our Community Food Hub, but that’s now all used up now.

However here is now £1000 looming for insurance and soon after £600 for vehicle insurance. Whilst we are reducing the distances we travel the van remains essential for local food deliveries, to get to campaign events and other vegan outreach opportunities, and to continue to support the Sumac Social Centre where we are based.

Environmental concerns have always been at the heart of what we do and now, following a Go-Fund-Me campaign, we have taken Veggies to the next ethical level with solar panels installed our catering campaign trailer to make our plant-based burgers powered by the sun! We’re still raising funds to install extra capacity to make maximum benefit from the panels..

Thanks you for any help that you can give and if you can spread the word that’d be great too.

You could set up bank transfer for internet banking, to ‘Veggies Catering Campaign (Nottm) Ltd’ Account No.70902989; Sort Code: 08-90-74 (The Cooperative Bank) and let us know what you’d like your contribution to support.

If you have a paypal account you could send a personal payment to, using this link and add-a-note to say what it is for; include your email address so that we can say thanks!

You can send a credit/debit card payment with this link without needing a paypal account. Note that this link and the following buttons result in paypal fees (3.4% + 20p) reducing your contributions.

This button is for donations to support Veggies Campaigning. Thank you!

We remain committed to getting back to campaigning at events when appropriate. In the meantime we are raising funds to install our solar resources to raise power at base, pending their use at events in due course.


Please donate to support our other campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment

Our volunteers support three workers sharing one minimum wage and we often end up paying towards our ongoing campaigning expenses from our (very empty) pockets. If you can’t afford to donate, please consider fund-raising for us, or coming out and helping us at an event!

How your donation can help

  • £15.00 keeps us connected to continue web-based networking out on the road
  • £15.00 – phone charges for one month, or Veggies Van insurance for one week
  • £17.00 – 1000 leaflets, printed at cost at our Community Print Resource
  • £30.00 – costs of one free vegan food sampling event
  • £100.00 – rent for one week, towards Sumac Centre mortgage
  • £155.00 – subscriptions to maintain our ethical research
  • £170.00 – maintenance of marquees, used by many campaigns, groups & events
  • £1089.00 – liability insurance for customers & crew at Veggies-sponsored events
  • £250,000 will buy an undercover policeman for one year

We need to raise £300 each week to keep us campaigning

If you are able to cover one of these expenses with a monthly or annual standing order that would be particularly helpful.

Please ask your bank to make payments to ‘Veggies Catering Campaign’ Account No.70902989; Sort Code: 08-90-74 (The Cooperative Bank) and let us know what you’d like your contribution to support.

Buy us stuff!

A one-off donation would be great, for example:

£5.00 – 100 blue first aid plaster for catering crew cut & scrapes
£10.00 – a crew t-shirt and apron for a new volunteer
£20.00 – pump action ‘airpot’ for tea and coffee ‘on the streets’
£36.00 – electric pan for cookery demonstrations and food fairs
£48.00 – soup ‘kettle’ for, well soup mainly!
£150.00 – second hand table for campaigning away from base

Even the price of a cup of coffee would help us get more cups of coffee out to campaigners on the windswept streets.


This button is for payment for Veggies goods or services:


Food For A Future

food for a future photo boothWe aim to raise £1105 for the Food for a Future vegan campaign, cookery & workshop space, facilitated by Veggies, in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival. Any small donation would be most welcome.

butchers pigDirect Action saves lives.

Get animals of the nation’s dinner plates.

Every Veggies Burger is one less slice of a cow.

The work of Veggies saves over 10 cows or pigs every year!

Go Vegan – Fight Climate Change

go veganBy helping each 100 people eat vegan, Veggies helps save up to 200kg CO2.

If ONE customer (or climate campaigner) goes Vegan For Life, they could save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and helping all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. …read more…

A word about catering costs

As a volunteer-led organisation with a mission to make vegan, organic and wholesome foods readily available to all, we run on a much smaller margin than is typical in the catering trade. At many campaign events we even cater by donation, chancing that income will cover all the costs involved. We also run Free Food Giveaway events.

Whilst most caterers spend perhaps 25-30% on ingredients, we typically spend 60% or more, partly due to the disproportionate cost of ethical and wholesome ingredients, and also due to our commitment to local and independent purchasing.

We rarely shop at supermarket chains or mainstream national wholesalers – the resultant higher costs are considered to be part of our campaign funding. If you value affordable, quality, campaigning catering, please support our work with a small donation.


Help us make the ethical choice

Plamil is by far the most ethical choice of soya milk, made in the UK in a vegan factory from organic ingredients; but it costs £2/dozen more than the next most ethical, Sunrise, and £4/dozen more than less ethical brands. A donation of £4 will help us make the ethical choice!

With annual maintenance of £500+, road tax £260 and insurance £1000, it costs over £30 a week to run our van, even if it goes nowhere. However, with our commitment to campaigning against climate change, we prefer to leave it in the yard and do local runs by bike and trailer. We sometimes cater at more distant events by coach, train or car share. A donation of £30 will help us make the ethical choice!

We host webpages for hundreds of groups, but have had to remove some older sections of our vast and extensive website to save server costs. If you can help us pay for more server space please donate.

…more to come…!

Why not share the money you save with Veggies?

We need to raise £300 each week to keep campaigning!

For over 40 years Veggies has supported hundreds of campaigns at thousands of events, but we can only do it with your support – please click the button here or at to donate now.

Please spread the word

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