Published: 20 Sep, 2010
Updated : 17 Jan, 2011

Many consider Veggies to be one of the most ethical caterers on the circuit, with policies developed with 25 years of experience in organic / fair trade / pure vegetarian catering.

We strive to be an ethical, wholefood supplier and stock only vegan food, with a preference for fair trade and/or organic where appropriate. We also favour the purchasing of products from smaller, independent companies such as yours.

Many of our customers share our concern to help animals, people and the planet. We therefore have rigorous guidelines to help us avoid paying for goods and services which are known to cause harm, suffering and destruction.

Ethical Consumer

We have been guided by the research department of the Ethical Consumer Research Association since the publication of issue #1 of the Ethical Consumer magazine in March 1989. The Ethical Consumer Research Association Ltd is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder co-operative. Subscribers have access to over 170 buyers’ guide reports scored according to 23 ethical categories.

Veggies Burgers and Sosages are made from our own fully organic mixes, using organic soy from France. Although sourced as locally as possible we aim to reduce the use of soya, in favour of hemp flour, which is highly nutritious, and can be grown in the UK without artificial farm additives.

Screaming CarrotWe bake our own cakes in-house, often using organic flours locally stoneground, 3 miles away at Green’s Mill in Sneinton, or sourced elsewhere in the UK. The Home Made Bakery, local, independent and just 5 miles from our Nottingham base, bake our bread. Other baked goods are from Screaming Carrot. Although not (yet) fully organic, the products are certainly locally produced, as they are literally on the next street (0.2 miles)!

Lembas logoThe majority of our organic and wholefood ingredients come from Lembas, a distribution co-op just 35 miles away in Sheffield. Lembas are working towards being a wholly employee owned cooperative. Lembas manage a catalogue of over 9,000 lines, indicating (v)egan lines, based on information provided by suppliers. We conduct our own research on key products, (as shown on the sub-pages listed at the bottom), informing any errors that we spot to

Where appropriate we buy bigger quantities direct from Do-It, a commodity level distributor. Whilst they bring goods 372 miles from Barneveld in the Netherlands, a single delivery in January 2011 of 250kg rice, cocoa, choc drops, lentils, kidney beans, cous cous, pasta and sugar, together with 500kg soya protein reduces the number of individual journies.

Do-It map

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