Hello from all of us here at Veggies HQ.

We continue to cater and campaign for a huge range of groups on many diverse issues, thanks to the support of many people who come with us to events or who help behind the scenes at our Nottingham base.

Veggies Food LogoPlease take a look at the events diary. The events at which we will definitely be catering are marked ‘Food by Veggies‘ and you can sign-up here.

It would also be helpful if you could check the list of current tasks around Veggies and Sumac.

Other Projects

Veggies runs, or gives practical support to many other projects, all of which would befefit from your help.

So if cooking is not (yet) for you, perhaps you could help with any of these projects:


Join our team

We are highly trained…. We have mechanics, electrical engineers, textile cutters, web developers, print designers, gardeners, cooks and translators!

If you have a skill to add, or if you are interested in helping us at events, or any other way, please read the Veggies Crew info.


Donate to support our work

  • Catering for campaign events by donation.
  • Free Vegan Food Giveaways
  • Support for Sumac, Nottingham’s campaign resource centre
  • “Vast and extensive” internet capacity!
  • Practical support for campaigns for positive social change
  • Read more at our special fundraising page.


You can support our work with a donation by credit card or paypal here:

You may have noticed that we offer a paypal donation service to many other groups featured on our “vast and extensive internet capability”!

thank you logoAs Paypal take 20p+3.4% from every donation it is not ideal for micro-donations (we loose 23.4p from a payment of £1), nor for large ones (we loose £3.60 from £100).

Donations and payments for any of our services or to buy stuff may also be made by direct bank transfer.

Bank Transfers

Veggies Catering Campaign (Nottm) Ltd
Account No: 70902989; sort code 08-90-74
(The Cooperative Bank)

Contact us with details of bank transfers, so we can do the right thing with your contribution!