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These are some of the tasks on this week’s to-do list

Fix computer.

Kitchen: food prep sink

Crew Meeting: circulate potential agenda items before & seek input by email
Research ‘GlastoVegan Guide & milk supplies for all participating stalls

Seek nominated supplier goods-in-kind sponsors for Vegan Fests etc.
Check out HannahBananaBakery ‏@HanBanBakery All Vegan Bakery is gone. Find other ‘other sandwich ideas’
Renew Viva! subscription.
Create a Nottingham Discount list for Viva!, Animal Aid, VegSoc & Vegan Soc.
Convert to Life family memberships for these when funds allow.

Patch roof of shipping store
Olive oil from IC Discount or the Brothers.
… Hellenic extra virgin cold press => £5.60/ltr

Sumac Community Food Garden: de-pave for lawn, create mobile salad/herb garden, herb wall?
… Send details to Vegan Mag, VON, VeggiesNottm

Fix VegCom Accommodation Noticeboard (tell Lynn Taylor)
Print weekly Sumac Events listing for Screaming Carrot
Measure & design banners for Van/Marquee.

End of year accounts
Update Ethical ratings of milks on product info pages

Update Sumac Kitchen users guide. Set up stock-transfer duplicate book.
Invest suplus reserves in Rootstock.


Confirmed events on Veggies Events Diary:
Check confirmed, diary, Sign-Up, VeggiesNottm email, twitter, facebook, crew.

After the event:

Pack away food & equipment after weekend events
Send out thanks to crew & seek feedback

Plan next event:
Create sign-up & find crew
Check food store stock
Order / Collect samosas
Order / collect Veg
Order / collect Screaming Carrot goods
… note collection of 2kg white flour
… Update ingredients lists on point of sale stickers etc.

Other Events on Vegan Outreach / Sumac Diary / AR Calendar
Check status of Green Garden Cafe weekly cafe

Find Sumac/Veggies/NottMAR reps to liaise with Nottm-Veg/Vegan-Meetup


Redesign Veggies home page.
Install GSpeech plugin
Make Events column more prominent.
Use end date rather than start date for home page diary listing
Move gallery in place of the static image top left, so that news & events columns move top right. Seek suggestions for news images for the gallery /about/gallery/. eg see slide show & graphic menu icons at Viva website.
Upgrade Dropbox

Website contacts form needs a ‘copy to self’ checkbox
Fix Twitter feed to Facebook.
Create a crew section for website, like this one from BJC?

Confirm entries on Directory of other caterers.
Add Kind Cakes Mean Bakes, animal-free food stall, to directory/twitter.
Add Sage Green Cuisine, veggie/vegan deli, to directory/twitter.
Update our details at

Investigate better online shop
Discuss the software used by Active Distribution.
Check out GoCardless online payment system.

Continue archiving events, pre the 2004 launch of Veggies diary.
Restore missing and /news/ archives.

Check Event Shelter repairs after Brinsley
Sort out badger camp Marquee and pots&pans & return A.T. equipment
Order replacement marquee

Process mail orders for zapatista coffee, NPNT stickers, mixes, vitamins etc.
Publish burger press + mix + scoffer offer on Veggies Shop.
Post Active Distro book delivery details at book-stall-library/
Collate/supply Veggies Scoffers to Vegan Campaigns & Active Distribution

Find place to send donation from sale of 2 x ‘Behind the Mask’
Check/forward Vegfam & Stop the Cull donations
Review Paypal payments – update onto Quicken Records

Fit replacement food processor part.
Replace 2oz burger former.

Lush Derby request Veggies leaflets
– Edit info/diary flier to include Veggies/Lush connection

Compile/circulate report on subscriptions & campaign contributions.

Reorganise & maintain equipment stores.
Reorganise & maintain office.
Set up additional Office computer / workstation.
Consider Basic PAYE Tools from HRMC, to help you run payroll

– Back up computer. Check status of McAfee or other security software.
– Check p.a.t test for cables and cookers etc
– Check extinguishers
– Check First Aid Kits

Coordinate & update this tasks list


Sort out drop kerb, disabled bay etc for Beech Avenue entrance.

Tasks from recent Sumac Meeting that you may be able to help with:
– Chris to draw up a map of the garden plot
– D. to print off and put up statement about the Sumac and young people
– J. to contact female DV survivors again, about using the Sumac as a meeting space
– D. to make laminated ‘Private meeting’ signs for groups using the Sumac
– Residents and finance group to meet and discuss rent and bills
– Tom & Abdul to make a ‘to do’ list for the yard
– Pat to speak to Abdul about young people’s involvement in the fox graffiti project
– Kate to rationalise Sumac post-boxes
– Trayen and Rosie to carry on with mural work

Be S.M.A.R.T

– Specific
– Measurable
– Attainable
– Relevant
– Time-bound



ChrissyRuns kitchen:
– Cake baking
– Freezer service production
– Bulk burger / sosage mixes
– Clearing up after everyone!
Maintains Kitchen equipment
Recipes: writing, updating, filing
Event Catering
Buffet prep


patLiaise with event organisers
Event suppliers: Screaming Carrot, Lembas, Bombay, L&M, Hand Made Bakery
Production Suppliers: Do-It (TVP/wholefoods) Morning Foods, Dickens, Azelis, Catermix
Maintain Computer Printer, Risograph & CPR paper stock

Maintain events diary / Website / Twitter
Favourited Tweets to action

Accounts: Book-keeping, Quicken, Paypal, banking, payments, annual accounts
Facilitate & forward donations received via website


DeemsVan management / driver
fix clutch
– identify mechanic / crew alongside each task by 30th Jan
– Schedule essential work for MOT – due March 21st
schedule to complete other van tasks by March 31st

Event crew coordination
– Create sign-ups for events by Thurs 23rd Jan.
– catch up with backlog and then stay on top of.
– identify role for recruitment & write job spec – slipped to 13th Feb
– recruit one person to do it (end of Jan’14) – slipped to 13th Feb
– Set up food hygiene training for Chrissy, Dean & other key crew.
… inc kitchen food safety folder.

Shop: Complete evaluate better online shop by January 31st 2014
– Possible trial installation of prestashop
– Keep on top of mail order

Fundraising overview
– monitor incoming donation
– identify next fund-raising opportunity
– Review go-fund-me / sab donations


chris– Check email
– Dispatch orders from webshop
– check Voicemail
– de-filing redundant papers from office/void


george– Transport to events
– Print & design at Veggies/CPR printshop


Auction monitoring & purchases
– Computer tech, security, backups
Trailer / van infrastructure. Driver.
– Solar / 12v electrics, in house, on the road & in the fields!
– Repairs, maintenance, locks. eg cut copy of trailer key, mount tea cabinet
Hackspace liaison

To Do

Veggies Van

Following the unfortunate clutch failure en route to the “Free the Primates” demo in December the van is now back on the road. The cost was £618

As the van has done 198,000 miles, and 32,000 miles since we got 6 years ago, it is scheduled for a complete refurbishment by the end of March. We have assessed that it is more cost effective and ecologically benign to get another 6 years from this van, which has served us well, rather than buying a ‘new’ one.

You can help keep Veggies on the road with a small donation…

– check & repair gearbox selector -Dean/not fixable
– remove 7th seat, reposition crew seats- Dean- replace drive shaft studs
– check & restore electrics – Dean/Russell
– install auxiliary heater & hand-wash unit – Dean/Russell
– secondary battery, charged from engine or solar panel – Dean/Russell
… for 12v lighting, phone charging, crew MP3s etc – Dean/Russell
… refrigerated storage – Dean/Russell
– insulate/fix drafts – Dean/Russell
– fix door panel, window winder & sliding window – Dean/Russell
– replace body filler and repaint entire van – Dean/Russell
– mount fire extinguishers & first aid in back of van + gas bottle ratchets – Dean/Russell
– extend storage bay from back to crew cab &/or overhead storage above crew seating, to double as emergency sleeping bay. – Dean/Russell
– doors on overhear storage above driver
– fit holder/ring for back door lock (Russell)
– fit lock over fuel cap

– Arrange trailer towing tests to upgrade drivers’ licenses as appropriate – ?
– Arrange veg oil conversion skill-share 5th or 19th April with

– Iveco (main dealer for spares/servicing): 0115 978 7274
… 522 Derby Road, Lenton. Nottingham NG7 2GX

[contact Dean 07984 638613 to help]

Replace clutch – done £618
Investigate increasing to 9 seats or reduce to 6 – can’t be done!

Veggies Online Shop

Investigate better online shop (Dean)
– write specification of requirements
… limited number of items with free software
… or more items with subscription software
… grouping items into categories
… grouping items by supplier
… integrate with postal database
… integrated stock control
… customer logins to remember baskets & speed up process next time

– Look into WordPress shop plug-in
… or stand-alone software
… or prestashop as per Active Distribution
Advice from Richard, DaveB, Jon Active, Chris as appropriate

Meanwhile tidy up Buy Stuff and Shop sections of website (Pat)
Join Alliance of Radical Booksellers (Pat)

Trailer refurbishment

Design + print new banners (front & back)
Step to be installed. Strengthen relish counter. Canopy (like van)
Strengthen & re-balance chassis; replace back suspension & wheels
Gas box frame & cover
Knobs on griddle
Integrate trailer/van electric hook-up / 12v systems
Electrics: solar panel, battery box, LED lights, water pumps, fridge, 12v charging
24v motor mover for trailer when off vehicle
Boiler: relocate, automate water feed, vent steam
(side project – design evaporation fridge to chill fridge from boiler steam)

Favourited Tweets to action

Use this Twitter Button

Veggies tasks Oct’13

File past event statistics, gathering catering guidance info
Recipes – Update, reprint for folder, upload to website [Contact Chrissy to help]

Create / update field kitchen resources inventory to facilitate loan to other campaigns (eg Calais Migrants, Badger Camp, Campaign Gatherings etc)

Tidy campaign resources into outbuildings
Sort archives (from 1980’s) in ‘the void’.
Dig steps & walkway in the void beyond the cellar.

Jet wash shipping store doors, ready for graffiti artist.
Build new compost bins.

Mix 20kg batches of burger & sosage mixes ready for Alley Cafe, Unicorn Grocery, Soundbites etc.

Audit The Spice Bank – Pat
Stock take & reorder books for book stall.

Veggies tasks June’11

Mass sew-in for decor drapes for marquees
Field oven pilot light + Fittings for shutter props cheers Russell

Customer ramp from pallet
Gas box cover + ratchet strap fixings
Secure gas bottle ratchets straps in van
Install chip frier on dedicated gas supply
Mount step over rear light
Wall mount first aid kit, fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
Fix piano hinge on bread bag shelf
Mount shelf above/beside cooker for oil, temperature probe, miscellaneous foods etc.
Find a ‘tip bar’ to help tip & pour water from 25ltr drums
Make ‘sock’ dispensers for burger-press-plastic & compostable kitchen roll bags

Find/replace frame for 3m x 3m tent and for (fosters) blue gazebo
Create a system for loaning tents and other resources to other community caterers.

Sumac Job List, Nov 5, 2010

BOB’S WINDOW (access easy off flat roof) :
– finish primer/undercoat on frame
– 2+ top coats of white gloss on frame
– Repaint brickwork of window reveal with white masonry paint (which we have in outbuildings)

NEW BATHROOM WINDOW (easy access as above) :
– 2+ top coats of white gloss on frame
– Paint new sill and brickwork of reveal with white masonry paint


– seal new plaster around window with PVA, then paint to match existing
– light sand frame, wooden cill and surround (where needed), then paint or varnish

– light sand over new plaster, then seal with PVA and paint (or will whole bathroom be painted?!)

– lightly sand over new plaster, seal with PVA, then paint.


Veggies Jobs to do


Kitchen and Office

  • Organise, document and publish herb/spice store
  • Organise, standardise and update recipes on website
  • Veggies computer needs complete reinstallation of both Windows and Linux
  • Connect solar panels on wall when not at events, wired to 12v outlet in office
  • Do you have a washing machine? We don’t!
    Please take home some aprons & t-towels to launder.
  • Carpenter to fit shelving – done – thanks Roy!


Catering Trailer

  • 4 caribinas or similar to ratchet strap gass bottles into gas cabinet.
    Wing nut and/or fresh holes rilled in side of frame to secure cover
  • Rebuild customer ramp with wingnut bolts for easy construction
  • Install ventilation vents and chip frier
  • Install solar powered fan



  • Restitch strip on 10m roof
  • Paint marquee poles
  • Design & sew drapes and hangings for tent decor
  • Roof poles needed for 3m tent
  • Write up full instructions and checklists
  • Identify and label storage location in outbuildings




Sumac Maintenance Group

The following maintenance tasks are yet to be done

Beech Avenue – women’s toilet window sill, fascia board above toilets
Upholstery surgery

Main roof – re-pointing to chimneys, replacing concrete tiles, possibly other things. Tom and Ben are interested, others may liaise with them.
Paint outside of building

Residents’ flat:
Outstanding bathroom tasks: new window with opening light over sink, overflow pipe fitting to the toilet, replace lamp on sink area, maybe extra lighting needed and monitor dampness.
Alan’s room – get professional to inspect the roof to check for leaks. If that eliminated consider heating/ventilation.
Central heating – residents check valves are all working properly. Check/bleed radiators.
Kitchen – replace panels in kitchen door and cupboard
Sitting room windows – wooden flaps covering the shutters need finishing
(Post-meeting discussion: Workbench in outbuildings needs removing thru window space before window is glazed – URGENT)

Sumac WorkdaySumac Maintenance Jobs Feb 2010

Residents flat

Outstanding bathroom tasks

* Install new window with opening light over sink. Tim is coordinating this.

* There was never an overflow pipe fitted to the toilet!!!. Suggest fit one while window being done to minimise mess.

* Replace lamp on sink area – current one is bust. Do after new window installed

* When we have done these we should review whether extra lighting is needed and monitor dampness to see whether a larger or over-shower extractor is required.

Alan’s room

The walls around the bay area and side of the chimney breast are very damp and plaster in places is breaking down.

Action. We need a professional to inspect the roof to check for leaks. If this is eliminated we need to consider heating/ventilation issues.

Central heating

Actions. Check valves are all working properly (job for residents really). Check/bleed radiators.


Actions. Panels in kitchen door and cupboard need replacing.

Windows in sitting room

Actions. The wooden flaps which cover the shutters need finishing so that these close snugly to eliminate draughts.


Paint outside stairs to flat next spring.

Paint outside of building.

There are several jobs outstanding from list Andrew compiled last year. I’ll add these to this list and we can discuss plan for these.

We’ll use this page to note all those random jobs than need doing, for which we never quite seem to have the time or skills.

Can you help with these tasks?

Club room
– Paint wall at top of stairs – Do we have any paint left?

– Shelves in accessible toilet
– Locks for ladies cubicles
– Replace broken glass in toilets
– Refix male towel holder

– Painting/repair exterior ladies toilet window frame
– Bell for backdoor
– Sign for backdoor

– Fix lid clips on compost tumbler – Rivetter needed

Kitchen refurbishment

All of us who benefit from there being a kitchen and hence yummy food at Sumac will be delighted to know that the kitchen is being completely refitted.

– Full length stainless sink/drainer/work unit
– Remove fridge (use fridge in basement)
– Replace worksurface with stainless steel
– Remove boiler or raise it in corner above of sink unit
– small handwash beside bar door
– remove coffee machine, use cafetiere
– Sales display shelf over bar door
– Drainer mounted above sink unit
– Batten/hooks to hang items.

Please let us know if you can help or advise with finding or installing any of this.

Jobs To Do – Can You Help

The Sumac Centre closed throughout July 2007 to seriously refurbish the Centre. The results of this can be see in the Indymedia report by Tash

We are looking for anyone and everyone to get involved in ongoing works listed below – whether you are highly skilled at DIY or just enthusiastic!

Further plans are afoot to demolish the derelict outbuildings and redevelop a highly eco-friendly new building there. A visioning meeting for this plan was held in September 2007. More info below.

-Club Room-

Fix up notice boards
Fix bookshelf by computers to wall
Display shelf on pillar for Sumac event fliers
Repair extractor above computers
Get and fit curtains for bay window
Re-upholster chairs/benches
Laminate and fix fire instructions (done?)
Create storage under stage


Replace broken glass in toilets
Shelves in accessible toilet to reduce dumping there and on stage
Waterless system for urinals?
Timer/PIR controlled lighting?


Air brick in bathroom


Improve layout of kitchen
Replace/extend worksurface over fridge
Replace cupboard doors
Kitchen/central heating boiler – service or replace
(boiler is actually in basement)
Replace shelves to maximise length
Display shelf over bar door


Heat vent, ideally to club room, subject to not breaking fire seal
Multiplugs in office & above work surface
Raise shelf above recycling boxes by outside door
Sort out access to ‘the void’ – steps into concrete plinth?


Roof repair, gutter cleaning, flashing
Leaking pipe at 71 Beech Ave – Andrew on the case. The water has now stopped gushing out after I contacted the Letting Agent.


Smoking shelter in the yard – (Roy offers help)
Repaint signs on gate to correct opening times
Sign near Beech Avenue entrance?
Re-paint high-vis edge markers on steps up to door

Build letter box to gate
Build / tidy / label bins for Community Composting
Fix lid clips on compost tumbler
12-volt fairy lights / porch lights off solar panel – Chan?
LED lighting in shipping container
Grey Water System
Compost toilet

Outbuildings redevelopment

Plan is to raise serious funds to completely rebuild as a substantial new building, which might house:

* Library
* Meeting spaces
* Anarchist archive
* Sumac Office, or
* Relocate Veggies?
* Composting Project
* Veg oil recycling / biofuel project
* Residential and/or visitor accommodation
* Archiving attic (half a floor above)
* Storage basement (ramped below ground)
* Solar or turf roof (or combination)
* Straw bale construction

More ideas, including any which may have been suggested during previous visionings, should be submitted here, or in the discussion folder circulating at Sumac.

Recent maintenance has included:

* Reroofed outbuildings
* Fixed the Sebo vacuum cleaner. (It now works very well and there are spare bags in the disabled toilet. The dyson vacuum doesn’t work. Does anyone want to try and fix it or should we dispose of it?)
* Replaced the fluorescent light bulbs in the gents, ladies and above the bar.
* Replaced the blown wall light bulbs.
* Fixed the leaking ladies toilet. (The first toilet as you enter, the pipe from the cistern to the bowl had come loose, please keep and eye out for that!)
* Fixed the broken lock on the first ladies toilet.
* Fixed the ladies toilet that wasn’t flushing (The middle toilet – although it might now leak as it appears drip so will need further work later).
* Fixed a new toilet seat in the middle ladies toilet and tightened the loose one in the first toilet.
* Removed most of the junk from the disabled toilet (Lets put some shelves in there for more storage space).
* Fixed the big table so that it no longer wobbles (hoorah).
* Tidied up around the office computer and the piano.
* Purchased bolts to fix the remaining chair backs back on!
* Probably did something else too that I have forgotten.

Please let it be known if you would like to join the maintenance team, or if you can suggest any other task that would improve enjoyment of the Centre!

Tim’s To Do List!

Also as an ‘RTF’ Document

Does not yet include Veggies, void, behind bar, or kitchen areas, and in any case not definitive. Additions / corrections welcome.


l Repoint roof tiles
l Paint chimney
l Inspect flashing tape and replace where necessary
l Repair render on inside of parapet wall (Gladstone side)
l Repoint chimneys and other places as needed
l PERIODICALLY clean gullies, gutters, and flat roof of debris



l Replace broken windows
l Patch / paint windowsill
l Repaint fascia board
l Cover and secure exposed phone wiring
l Scrape moss off foot of wall
l Consider removing metal gate?
l Make good and paint lobby (use masonry paint)
l Fit architrave around exterior door and paint
l Clean and stain / varnish weatherboard on door


l Extend overflow pipe away from wall
l Mortar around pipes in wall
l Inspect brickwork and repoint where necessary
l Fit permanent waste pipe for boiler overflow


n Repair cracked render by door
n Patch tyrolean render where necessary
n Fill gap at drain by steps with mortar
n Paint underside of windowsills with white exterior gloss
n Re-connect drainpipe to water-butt
n Put platform / table over bar compressor


l Repair / rebuild brick wall in SE corner and tie to sandstone wall
l Oil gate
l Make and hang swinging sign by gate
l Build cover (old table?) for bar compressor
l Mend leaking hose
l Tidy yard and remove junk



l Fit airbrick or second fan above sink; scrape off mould, apply anti-fungal wash, re-paint
l Fit new light switch
l Stop leak under shower tray
l Refix shower wastepipe to increase fall
l Seal top of tiled splashback behind basin with silicone
l Repair shower bracket
l Complete skirting and boxwork
l Repaint
l Clean fans & heater


l Clean and repaint
l Check boiler settings and overflow (NB. valve on overflow pipe below sink must be kept closed)
l Unblock sink
l Window frame may need patching, and wood near sink needs protecting
l Maintain cupboard doors and fit handles
l Clean and repair fan


l Clear and clean
l Fit lino in lobby by kitchen door
l Repair hole in floor, by lifting loose floorboards, and refixing supporting batten to side of joist with coachscrews or bolts
l Fit soft self-closer to door
l Fix and fill skirting, then paint
l Check emergency lighting
l Paint or varnish doors and doorframes


l Check dampness under window


l Maintain window and fit window lock


l Clear mould off wall and repaint (and consider fitting airbrick?)
l Plaster partition wall
l Fix sash window (and consider replacing safety glass)
l Fit window lock


l Clear rotten plaster above window bay and replaster; check roof above for leaks first
l Replace broken window pane
l Reputty and repaint all windows. (Replace in longer term when funds available)
l Patch hole in floor (under speaker)
l Paint ceiling and skirting
l Fit outside window on small circular window and paint in between


l Repair and cover balustrade at top of flight



n Fit draught excluder to letterbox
n Fit length of doorstop batten to fill gap, prime and paint to match


n Prime and repaint bare window frames
n Repair lock on first cubicle


n Investigate damp above door and on lower wall opposite washbasin; make good and repaint when resolved


n Unblock righthand urinal
n Repair lock on second cubicle
n Replace toilet seat on second cubicle
n Patch plaster near entrance door, prime and repaint


n Repaint bare patches on ceiling near stage
n Fit protective corner moulding to boxwork on floor near bar hatch
n Fit window boards and finish trim carpentry to smaller bay window (NB. Timber for this is at Neds)
n Fit window vents (which we have) to bay windows
n Reglue peeling wallpaper


n Fit length of doorstop batten to fill gap, paint and prime to match
n Make good and paint door surround (perhaps cover with architrave?)


n Fit threshold strip
n Fit hooks to wall (for hanging spears during line cleaning)
n Paint sink stand with wood preserver

Some of the tasks recently completed

Tasks done:
The printer has died! Buy newly refurbished printer.
Install 12v solar LED lights in Shipping store – cheers Russell.
Add tallpoppyfoods, veggieplanet & change kitchen to catering directory
Pass Green Futures info to LACS (John) & Central American Solidarity (John)
Action Zurich insurance
Change sign-ups to show list in date order
Install 12v LED lighting in Shipping Store – thanks Russell
Monitor auto re-boot of computer security updates – Thanks Russell.

Derby People’s Kitchen : Robert says is still last Monday Monthly but not 3rd Saturdays (facebook group is not public)
Stop Cameron’s Cull, Shrewsbury March, Sat 8th Feb added to AR Calendar
Free the Laboratory Primates demo added to ARCalendar & tweeted.
March for the deer of Richmond Park added to ARCalendar
Blackpool and Lancaster Vegan Fairs added to Vegan diary & tweeted
Sharing Sherwood, 2nd Sunday monthly added to Sumac Diary.

Submit article re key events in 30th anniversary year to Vegan Soc
Make & deliver 25kg Hemp Mix to Alley Cafe. Make 20kg sos mix too.
Print temperature monitor sheets for fridges & freezers.
Norwich Veggie Fayre – confirm that it is too far for Veggies.
Animal Aid Fair 2014 added to Diary. Contribution send for 2013 event.
Post 3 LABL Vegan Fairs on Diary: Liverpool, Edinburgh, Blackpool
– Book stall at Liverpool.
Drop a quick links listing into Vegan Outreach Diary
Ordered 25kg Yeast Extract. Delivery 17th January.
Process & forward donations to Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary, KAALE & MCL


Add Worcester Vegan Fair to Veggies Diary / create sign-up
Post Animal Aid School Speakers training on Diary. Sat 17th May.
Book Students for Cooperation Gathering onto Diary.
Post World Day rally on CalendAR / Veggies Diary. Sat 26th April, Nottm

Pay Active Distribution for books & coffee
Price up & display on Book Stall at Sumac
Update Event Catering Section of Veggies Directory.


Book Glastonbury stall
Done! See

Pack away pasties etc
‘Veganic’ pizza cheese sample to Screaming Carrot

Place orders with Screaming Carrot, Lembas, Bombay, Homemade Bakery
4 x 20kg Veggies Sosage Mix ordered by Unicorn Grocery, Manchester
Burgers & sosages made for MaryLou Catering & dispatched
Collect 2 x 25kg organic flour from Greens Windmill

Deliver to Health Store & Screaming Carrot
Bag mix for burger press promotion.

Compile 2014 Tour Dates
Update & print 2014 Veggies Tour fliers
& Stall holder express queue fliers

Updated Vegan Cocktail Recipes at Sign Night Diary Listing